Laurie Head is co-owner of AIS Network, leading all facets of corporate communications, content and culture and occasionally guiding clients who need award-winning application development. After careers in broadcast journalism and public affairs, Laurie went out on a limb in 1998 to direct communications for an investment bank’s technology practice. At the time, there were few women working in IT, and she got a buzz out of breaking new ground. Since then, Laurie has never looked back, embracing her various roles in the industry and inspiring and mentoring young colleagues along the way. She’s one part entrepreneur, one part communications executive, one part wordsmith, one part geek, one part volunteer and two parts mom. When she’s not playing any of those parts or blogging, she’s walking the dog.

SharePoint composites

SharePoint Composites Enables Custom Solutions

What’s SharePoint Composites?  SharePoint Composites is the new set of capabilities available in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. So, why would you need it? Well, are you frustrated with having the requirement to hire programmers whenever you need a custom business solution?  I thought so. SharePoint Composites allows you to use something very simple (building blocks)…