Microsoft BizSpark FAQs

AIS Network has participated in the Microsoft BizSpark program since it began about 5 years ago. We love our BizSpark friends, the program and everything that it represents. The program has supported more than 100,00 startups in more than 165 countries. So, why didn’t we designate a page for BizSpark? Well, when we redesigned our website … Read more

Sitecore Named Leader in the Forrester Wave for WCM

Some very good news for the .NET ecosystem… Our partner, Sitecore, was named a “leader” in The Forrester Wave for web content management (WCM) systems — alongside only Adobe.  (Other strong vendors fell into the strong performers/contenders categories.) For those of you who are unfamiliar with WCM, Forrester prefaces its report by saying, “WCM began … Read more

Guaranteeing Hosting Compliance

Guaranteeing hosting compliance.  It’s pretty much something that AIS Network has always done, and it’s a clear service benefit.  Our compliance with multiple security and regulatory standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, FERPA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX and others repeatedly saves our clients time and money and helps them to avoid costly litigation over compliance errors. Up until … Read more

Traditional Colocation or Managed Colocation?

Sometimes hassling with your own servers no longer makes sense. Keeping your server room environment cool, secure and outage-free is challenging.  The capital expenses, the constant purchasing, the 3 a.m. emergencies and the routine patching feels like insanity.  Deploying, scaling and managing the physical environment weighs you down too.  You’re tired of all the low-value … Read more

Benefits of Colocation

Why would anyone choose colocation? What are the benefits of colocation? Colocation services provide the flexibility, control, security and services that you need—plus expert managed hosting support when you want it. In a colocation scenario, you host your infrastructure in a provider’s data centers, allowing you to reduce the capital and operational expenses that you … Read more

Mesh Networks: Bridging the Gap with Smartphones

  By Donna Hemmert AIS Network VP, Strategy Trends like the Internet of Things are bringing more and more devices online and at breakneck speed.  Have you ever wondered how far Internet infrastructure can take us?  Is it infinitely scalable?  And even if it is, will it always scale at the speed we need it to? I have been researching Mesh Networks for a while and an … Read more

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

By Donna Hemmert AIS Network Vice President, Strategic Development If you don’t want to own the equipment that supports your operations, and want increased flexibility, especially when it comes to expanding or downsizing, you may want to consider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)** from a provider such as AISN. In contrast to having to purchase … Read more

SharePoint Composites Enables Custom Solutions

What’s SharePoint Composites?  SharePoint Composites is the new set of capabilities available in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. So, why would you need it? Well, are you frustrated with having the requirement to hire programmers whenever you need a custom business solution?  I thought so. SharePoint Composites allows you to use something very simple (building blocks) … Read more