Microsoft Software Assurance and Licensing

Thinking of moving to the cloud, but don’t want to see your software with Microsoft Software Assurance become shelfware?

Microsoft License Mobility

Step into the cloud with AISN. Our license mobility authority means that we can help you move your Microsoft licensing.​

As more businesses and governments adopt cloud services, they can turn to AISN for the flexibility they need to move on-premise Microsoft applications (i.e., SharePoint Server, SQL Server, etc.) and application workloads to the cloud — seamlessly.

The old licensing barriers to hosting in the cloud are gone. With license mobility authority from Microsoft, we can help our clients move existing, on-premise hosting licenses directly to the cloud without requiring our clients to buy new licenses.

Use License Mobility to:

Extend the value of your server application license by deploying them on-premises or in the cloud.
Take advantage of the lowest cost computing infrastructure for changing business priorities.

For further guidance on Microsoft License Mobility, see Microsoft.

License Mobility Through Microsoft Software Assurance

Businesses using Microsoft apps under volume licensing agreements have the flexibility to deploy application server software on-premise or host it with authorized mobility partners like AISN. This license mobility, known as License Mobility Through Microsoft Software Assurance, covers Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Lync Server, Microsoft System Center servers and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So, customers with active Software Assurance coverage on their CAL-licensed products can use their CAL-licensed software with a hosting company, rather than only on their own servers.

License mobility removes another barrier that companies face while going to the cloud. No longer will previously purchased software need to become shelfware. If that has been a major factor in keeping you from going to the cloud, then you now have a compelling business case to consider moving to the cloud.

A Partner You Can Trust

At AISN, we don’t believe that “one size fits all” is the way to offer cloud solutions. Our business model is built on the belief that our clients deserve customized cloud platforms designed to meet their specific compliance, security and operational needs. If you have questions about the cloud or cloud enablement services, we have answers. Our experts are always happy to discuss your needs, so get in touch with us today.