Rising Threat of DDoS Attacks in Healthcare

Rising Threat of DDoS Attacks in Healthcare

Rising Threat of DDoS Attacks in Healthcare The global healthcare IT market is projected to reach $974.5 billion by 2027, highlighting the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Today, much of the healthcare industry’s work is digital,  leveraging technology to execute medical procedures, store electronic medical records (EMR, or patient medical history maintained by a … Read more

Healthcare Infographic: Why It’s Moving to the Cloud

healthcare moving to cloud

Healthcare and The Cloud We are excited to share our new infographic on why healthcare is transitioning to the cloud. Many healthcare organizations are beginning to leverage the cloud and virtualization, and we’ve outlined some related trends in our infographic. It’s no surprise that healthcare is moving to the cloud, as many businesses and organizations … Read more

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud: Why Health Care CIOs Are Moving Toward Cloud Computing for EMRs

By Desaray Granzow AIS Network, Director of Sales Cloud computing (or shared computing resources) is becoming more and more attractive to the CIOs of health care organizations. Why? Health care providers need to keep track of digital copies of paperwork for each patient — such as the patient’s history, digital copies of diagnostic tests and … Read more