AISN Takes Care of Us

Thanks again for all your help….We really appreciate you guys taking care of us when things happen. Kudos to you and your team!!

Always Delivering What They Say They’ll Deliver

I think, in part, the service they deliver is reflected in their work ethic. I guess you can say they are the proverbial all-American company with Midwest roots. Build it, work hard and deliver the best. Compared to other vendors, they’re extraordinary and that’s why I intend to be with them for a long time. Let’s face it, a lot of the companies out there all say the same things and offer the same things. But, AISN is different. What made AISN stick out is that their service is different and they always deliver what they say they’ll deliver.

Kept Us Up and Running After a Hurricane That Knocked Out Other Businesses

When , When Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast of Texas, Galveston Island, where our office is located, was severely damaged and the Island was closed for over a week. We were able to stay up and running because of our remote redundant server at AIS Network. While other companies were down and unable to conduct business, we were online and up and running, serving our clients during a very critical time. AISN and our remote redundant server are an integral part of our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. AISN has proven to be secure, reliable, and stable – qualities we depend on, especially during the Hurricane Season. We have been very satisfied with our decision to go with AISN.

Offers the Best, Cost-Efficient Solutions and Is a Great Partner

AIS Network is an example of what small businesses require in an IT company. They are very good at evaluating our needs and offering the best, cost-efficient solution to our problems while providing all of the options available. They are also very accessible and are able to respond to situations quickly — even before business hours. Our business depends on our technology working seamlessly, and AISN is a great partner for keeping everyone online.

An Extension of Our Team

Our company has been very pleased with the services provided by AIS Network. Their network is extremely reliable with a well trained and responsive staff. AISN has been instrumental in setting up a very secure but user friendly website and document management system. The AISN team are true experts on what they do. They understand our corporate needs and they understand the products, including the Microsoft SharePoint software, which we depend on. More importantly, they understand how it works within the environments in which they’re delivering it. Since the deployment over 2 years ago, things just work. And the reality is that their team has become an extension of our team. I know that we have 24x7x365 support from a team of professionals. I am pleased to recommend AISN to my own professional contacts.

Highly Trained, Responsive and Reliable

The highly trained, skilled and responsive staff at AIS Network are a valuable asset to our team. They understand the big picture and our business – and work with our team to improve our services. Our statewide clients depend on the reliable 24x7x365 hosting service provided by AISN.

A Partner You Can Trust

At AISN, we don’t believe that “one size fits all” is the way to offer cloud solutions. Our business model is built on the belief that our clients deserve customized cloud platforms designed to meet their specific compliance, security and operational needs. If you have questions about the cloud or cloud enablement services, we have answers. Our experts are always happy to discuss your needs, so get in touch with us today.