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Optimize your cost-performance ratio with AIS Network’s managed hosting services for multicloud, hybrid cloud and hybrid multicloud environments. Our expert multicloud management solutions will help you reach your IT transformation goals and position you to drive growth for your business with the optimal performance mix.

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We’ll Meet You Where You Are on YOUR Journey in the Multicloud Hosting Environment With Support & Solutions

For senior IT executives, tackling a cloud initiative and taking it to completion can be fraught with obstacles. From identifying and clarifying requirements to making architectural decisions, kicking off a project and implementing, there are several opportunities for cloud projects executed in-house to become derailed.

Working with a highly skilled team can expand your capabilities and make the process smoother. By delegating key parts of the process to a trusted team such as AISN, senior IT managers can free themselves and their teams up for high-value strategic initiatives.

Every client we work with has varying cloud requirements and is at a different stage on their journey. The first step is to determine where you are today and where you want to be. We can help by assessing your hosting and IT infrastructure requirements and determining your optimal mix of on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud hosting based on your needs.

Our comprehensive services are designed to work together to help you achieve a strong return on investment and hit your KPIs. AISN can help with all of the following and much more:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Multicloud management
  • Operations
  • Hosting
  • Migrations
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance
When AISN takes your cloud project from concept to reality, you’ll save time and money, while optimizing resources. Trust us to optimize your on-premises and cloud hosting infrastructure and capture maximum value from your investment.

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How We Can Help

Improving the cost-performance ratio is often a key priority for senior IT leaders. By streamlining operations and increasing efficiency, costs usually decrease naturally.

When improving performance, the outcome of decreased costs isn’t always a given. In-depth skills and expertise are required to handle all phases of a cloud initiative, including requirements gathering, project management, implementation and testing.

AISN’s expertise with multiple vendors and environments is a key differentiator, allowing us to provide a unified view of assets from different platforms and legacy systems.

Choosing the best solution to fit the needs of your enterprise is where it all starts. Here are the solutions we provide to help you address your cost-performance ratio.

Complex Migrations

In-Depth Cloud Assessments

Knowing where you’re at today is the critical first step. Our cloud assessments help you determine the current state of your systems, including security and compliance, strategic growth areas and alignment with IT and business goals as well as emerging technologies.

Whether you need a cloud readiness assessment, cloud risk assessment, comprehensive analysis of your current architecture and its cost or something in between, we have you covered. Take the first step to unlock the full potential of your cloud journey by receiving an evaluation.

Complex Migrations

Hybrid Cloud & Multicloud Environments

Whether you need a public cloud, private cloud or custom hybrid cloud solution, we can help. Our experts will analyze your situation and help you choose among leading public clouds, our secure private cloud or a hybrid solution that bridges the gap between on-premises infrastructure and scalable cloud resources.

We can build, secure and manage your cloud as a seamless extension of your team, ensuring continuous optimization of costs and performance.

Complex Migrations

Compliant Managed Hosting

Our managed hosting delivers optimal performance, security, cost and support options so you get the best out of your website, applications and data.

We are leaders in the field with over 30 years of managed hosting experience. AISN specializes in providing managed hosting services on dedicated, bare metal servers. This ensures maximum security, control, uptime and availability. Our private cloud is a robust hosting platform with no shared infrastructure. Let AISN focus on your day-to-day hosting needs so you can focus on running your business.

Complex Migrations

Expert Migrations & Modernization

Modernizing legacy systems can be a considerable undertaking with high stakes. Ensuring seamless migrations are crucial for any organization aiming to transition to the cloud. Success hinges on strong planning, a proven methodology, smooth integration and a knowledgeable partner like AISN who can provide expert IT project management and execution services.

With AISN, trust that your server and application migrations will be accomplished efficiently, effectively and within your timeline and budget.

Complex Migrations

Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering

In today’s world, system resilience is no longer optional. Our seasoned team of specialists offers comprehensive cloud infrastructure, engineering and networking services that integrate data, applications and systems to optimize your hybrid cloud environment.

We have robust expertise in the operations and maintenance required to manage today’s complex hybrid cloud infrastructure, keeping it secure, reliable, efficient and scalable.

Complex Migrations

Cloud-Specific Security & Compliance

Misconfigured clouds can lead to devastating data breaches. Our team will help you identify security weaknesses in your cloud infrastructure and develop a plan to resolve them. To ensure compliance, we’ll also install custom security controls, including threat detection, response, and governance measures.

With our support, you can effectively manage security across public, private, multicloud and IaaS platforms, ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency.

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Relying on Outdated Technology May Put Your Business at Risk

Does your business utilize on-premises technology for its operations? If so, you could expose your organization to additional risk due to obsolete technology. In today’s fast-paced digital world, a single catastrophe such as a natural disaster or cyberattack could leave you with irreparable damage. Picture losing all of your important business data forever because of a flood, fire or malware attack. The cost of downtime and the loss of customer trust would devastate your business. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make the move to AISN Managed Cloud Services and ensure the security and availability of your data and applications — no matter what challenges come your way.


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