Active Directory Managed Services

AISN’s Active Directory Managed Services will help you ensure that your sensitive data remains protected and always available, regardless of how it is accessed.

Microsoft’s Active Directory may be ubiquitous but finding truly talented professionals with in-depth Active Directory management experience is not so common.

Optimize Your AD Performance With Active Directory Managed Services From AISN

AISN will simplify, automate and optimize your Active Directory infrastructure’s performance, security and stability.

Team Expertise and Experience
  • 20+ Years in Managed Active Directory Services with award-winning leadership. Providing fully managed Active Directory security and governance for highly regulated industries.
  • Global Active Directory Implementation. Successfully deployed Active Directory for a $46 billion global financial securities group with 15,000 employees and operations in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Complex Active Directory Migrations. Designed and executed a global migration from Windows 2008 to Windows 2016 across multiple countries.
Proven Track Record
  • Award-winning Managed Active Directory Team. Recognized for managing a highly complex, $88 billion state government environment for 18+ years, serving 65,000+ employees/contractors and 100+ organizations, 120+ localities, and dozens of higher education institutions.
  • Successful Active Directory Integrations and Migrations. Handled numerous migrations, including transitioning users to centralized Active Directory and migrating thousands from on-premise Exchange to Google Mail and M365.
  • Advanced Active Directory Technologies. Expertise in a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft Active Directory, FIM, Okta for MFA/SSO, Quest OneIdentity, Microsoft Entra ID and more.
  • Cross-Functional Versatility. Worked with teams across the globe to design, deploy and manage global AD Windows 2016 Active Directory with 15,000 users. Implemented AD trust for interfacing with EMEA & Asia AD deployments.
  • International Experience. Designed and deployed a system across USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Germany and Italy. Worked with local personnel to define and document requirements and roll out and configure software in local settings, overcoming technical challenges. Managed deployment and users as a part of establishing international deployment.

When managing a global enterprise with multiple platforms and access points, finding the resources to ensure that your complex Active Directory environment is well-managed and reliable can be challenging. And, since Active Directory is mission-critical for both on-premise and cloud-based apps, downtime is not an option. That’s where Active Directory Managed Services can help.

Fully Managed AD Services

Our services cover all aspects of Active Directory management to ensure optimal performance and security:

Active Directory Deployment

Active Directory Deployment, Migration, Upgrades, Consolidation and Restructuring. Smooth and efficient transitions tailored to your organizational needs.

Active Directory Issue Resolution

Active Directory Issue Resolution. Diagnose and resolve complex Active Directory issues swiftly.

Active Directory Monitoring

24/7/365 Active Directory Monitoring and Remediation. Continuous monitoring, reporting, and analytics to detect and address incidents, trends and performance issues.

Active Directory Administration

Active Directory Administration and Management. Fill functional gaps with expert patching and security updates.


Secure Mobile and Remote Active Directory Access. Extend Active Directory’s reach to mobile and remote devices securely.

Cloud Integration

Cost Reduction Through Cloud Integration. Utilize the cloud and System Center to reduce operational costs.

AISN's AD Team Praised for Excellence

“I was camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend. As we sat there under a tarp in 50-degree weather with wind blowing the rain on us, and a stream opening up underneath our feet, one of the Troop leaders looked at me and said, ‘You know, I was in an SAIC meeting the other day doing an internal review, and AISN’s Directory Services Team was singled out as the best team across the entire program. Neera and her team….Alfred, David, Kelly and Mark, right?.... are just doing an amazing job.’ I told him I couldn’t agree more, and it sure was nice to hear!”

Success Story

Our leadership has managed the intricate, Virginia state government environment for more than 18 years, ensuring seamless operations for:

  • Government with $87.5 billion annual budget
  • 65,000+ employees and contractors served.
  • 100+ organizations with different leadership teams, a wide variety of needs, and thousands of unique requirements.
  • 120+ localities integrated as well as dozens of higher education institutions
  • Adherence to high security standards and enforcement of specialized policies that are unique to the state.
  • Configuring and maintaining Fine Grain Password Policies for two domains.

Our experience in finding consensus in highly diverse and controversial circumstances has led to numerous successful migrations, including:

  • Migrating users to centralized Active Directory
  • Transitioning from on-premise Exchange to Google Mail and M365
  • Moving Active Directoryirectory elements between Google Mail and Exchange
  • Migrating from Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) to Okta and Quest OneIdentity Active Roles Server (ARS)

Accolades for AISN's Active Directory Team

“Neera — Congratulations!! You’ve been key to our mission for quite some time and have earned the MVP standing many times over! Well deserved.”

“Neera has been consistently excellent on this Program for many years now. To me, this honor is well deserved.”

Neera Jain MLM Award

Neera Jain is the recipient of the 2023 Margaret Lyn McDermid Breakthrough Technology Award. RVATech presents this award annually to a female technologist whose work developed new technology applications and/or whose creative use of existing technology enhanced processes, methodologies, and/or services served to benefit the organization regionally.

In 2022, the Team was recognized by the Virginia IT Agency for its completion of a flawless, high-risk Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) upgrade to Windows 2019, including the Root Certificate Authority (CA) and two subordinate CAs that service the Commonwealth of Virginia. The service is a key component to issue computer/user certificates to COV/VSP computers and users for wireless and SCCM services. It is also used to issue internal certificates for servers and is essential to run these services securely.

"We partnered with our suppliers (SAIC, AISN, NTT) to create a new enterprise automation for new employee Commonwealth of Virginia mail accounts. A process that previously took over 11 days is now reaching completion in around 53 minutes.”

“Ravi…has really been a big support on the tasks coming from MSG….I just wanted to say Ravi is killing it for us, and whoever needs to be made aware, please take it up the hill.”

"Not sure how much direct management you guys do with your contracted resources at VITA, but if it makes a difference, I just wanted to give a shout-out for Alfred. We went through the process of registering and he was very helpful. Unlike a number of other on-again off-again tickets with VITA, he didn’t require re-opening tickets or red tape, he just answered questions and got it done. One of the better interactions I’ve had with VCCC in some time."

“I wanted to pass on some kudo and major thank you to Mark for his dedication and commitment to this Onboarding Tiger Team. Mark has been a critical asset to the team and has provided selfless acts to ensure action are being taken and coordinated for the specific tasks for Onboarding and providing automation to this solution. He has proven his value to me and the team ten-fold! I seriously do not think that we would be this far if it was not for Mark’s involvement and drive. Thank you for allowing him to work with me and the team. Mark is a true professional and solid resource for our TEAM!”

Get the Skills and Flexibility That You Need With Our Active Directory Managed Services.

At AISN, we don’t believe that “one size fits all” is the way to offer solutions for Active Directory. Our business model is built on the belief that our clients deserve customized solutions designed to meet their compliance, security and operational needs.

Whether you are a multinational company or a government agency, we have answers if you have questions about deploying Active Directory, identifying fully managed Active Directory Services, accomplishing migrations, or simply finding a team to sort out your toughest challenges. Our experts are always happy to discuss your needs, so contact us today.