SharePoint Managed Services

AISN has built an impeccable reputation hosting SharePoint and providing SharePoint Managed Services. If you want to get the most out of your SharePoint platform, and deploy our SharePoint Apps, you’ve come to the right place.

Private Cloud Hosting Benefits

  • Full server access
  • Databases easily moved
  • Install any 3rd party Apps (or Ours)
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Administration and management
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhancement consulting
  • SharePoint Apps

Your Private Cloud Advantage

An AISN hosted SharePoint offers many advantages. Full control to manage your SharePoint and transfer data as you wish. You can upload and download databases, export and import data, and install any of the thousands of 3rd party tools that have been created by hundreds of vendors. You simply can’t do that with some other alternatives!

We are known for our high compliance secure hosting! We provide 24/7/365 remote monitoring, reporting/analytics, and remediation services (e., CPU and memory, system security, application log exceptions, etc).

We’ve been working with SharePoint since its first version. We use out-of-the-box features when possible, and know the product well enough to accomplish what some folks might assume a developer would need to do.

We provide service for every step of the way.

Hosting Plus Managed SharePoint Services — Ranging from Complete Administration to Advice When You Need it.

Our SharePoint solutions are based on years of experience working with the SharePoint platform and understanding how it can make an impact in the business world. We understand that business is about people, not technology, and that successful working relationships are based on mutual trust, respect and honesty. We can either take full responsibility for your project or work collaboratively, side-by-side with your team or partners.
How we can help:
  • Audit your existing SharePoint
  • Plan a strategic roadmap to meet your business goals with cloud hosting
  • Install and configure your SharePoint
  • Train your staff and Sharepoint administrators
  • Provide Ongoing Managed SharePoint Services
  • Full SharePoint problem escalation and resolution
  • Hosting 24x7 Monitoring, Alerting, & Logging from a leader in secure compliant hosting

Our end-to-end SharePoint Hosting services include requirement assessment and planning, farm design, technical implementation, and support, including training for both administrators and end users.

Often we begin with a SharePoint Strategy Planning session and a strategic road map to plan what SharePoint can do best to help your firm. We know what questions to ask and what kinds of problems SharePoint can solve. The Road Map process is all about helping clients get the most out of their SharePoint investment.

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SharePoint Made Simple

We show our clients best-in-class designs from our SharePoint Portfolio in an interactive way, so they can see what others have done to achieve desired results for a productivity tool. We then create a wireframe design for client review so that everyone can work towards making the vision a functional reality.

Guidance with SharePoint

SharePoint has so many tools, features and capabilities that it’s hard to understand which ones address your specific business needs. We bring many years of experience and hundreds of deployments to the table to help guide our clients in implementing the right tools for the most effective use SharePoint for their business.

Solution Design

A Proven Approach to SharePoint Implementation.

It’s not just about how the site looks; it’s also about how the site performs. Our senior architects provide guidance on SharePoint functionality. As part of each solution design, we leverage our proven methodology and Intellectual Property toolkits that enhance SharePoint and build a custom solution tailored to meet your business needs.

Delivering the Promise

Getting the Most Value Out of SharePoint.

At the end of the day this simply means addressing how you will manage, maintain and update the site, so you are always getting the most value out of your solution. AISN offers Microsoft SharePoint training and user adoption programs that are fairly progressive. We believe SharePoint can be the agent for change in a business environment, but to get the most out of it, people need to understand how to use it and govern it. By helping our clients train their users to understand the solution within the context of their environment, an organization can increase adoption exponentially while effectively managing and supporting change.

The final step in a SharePoint deployment is knowledge transfer. We ensure our clients are aware of what we have done throughout the site’s creation and deployment, so that you can pick up the reigns and move the SharePoint project forward. The goal is to create a SharePoint site that empowers users to do more on their own. Ultimately, letting you own the project, manage the solution and get the most business value out of SharePoint.

For clients who need extra assistance monitoring, managing and supporting their environment, we offer SharePoint Managed Services. AISN​’s approach to SharePoint Managed Services provides our clients with a highly responsive team of subject matter experts, comprehensive coverage and predictable costs to ensure users are able to work efficiently without disruption.

Upgrade Roadmaps

SharePoint Strategy Roadmap Planning

As a rule of thumb when going through the initial requirements stage of a SharePoint website project, we talk about the business requirements and business value 80% of the time, and SharePoint/technology only 20% of the time.

Every company needs to have a strategic plan for implementing SharePoint and a roadmap for its goals. Planning can mean the difference between chaos and smooth sailing.

Our Roadmap consulting engagement is an expanded version of our SharePoint “Day at the White Board” Strategic planning session. Consulting is comprised of on- and off-site components that result in a roadmap for your SharePoint goals, as well as provide a reusable method for continuing improvement. The goal is tangible business value through better utilization of strategic SharePoint features, with documented plans of how to use them.

Aligning SharePoint to Your Business Needs

AISN​ will assist your organization in getting to where it should be with SharePoint. We provide assistance with strategy planning to establish your business needs, and map them to SharePoint. Workshops use demos of our existing systems to demonstrate how portals, collaboration, search, business forms, content management, business intelligence and workflow can be used.

We build a roadmap using our six month plus method for strategic planning of your tactical goals. The strategy of the organization lays out the combination of policies, processes, and procedures that are employed to help an organization achieve its mission and vision statements. The success of SharePoint is directly related to how well the organization’s mission, vision, and goals are developed and communicated to form a proper context into which SharePoint can be implemented.


Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean creating the next big social network or developing a spaceship to send people to another galaxy. Innovation can be as simple as solving a complex problem with a simple solution.


In a complex world, sometimes we need to bring things back to their core components and find ways of being practical and overcoming hurdles. You’ll never find us designing a fast sports car if a four door sedan will get you there.


User experience is always the end point of the solution and far more than just a facelift. We truly believe in designing solutions that users will love and use. That’s how to get the return on investment.

Our 6 Month Plus Method creates a roadmap for your SharePoint potential future.

It’s a focus on the coming six months planned and executed in detail, with sketched-out ideas for the following six months. This adds up to 12 months of planning and becomes the basis for a solid and ongoing intranet strategy. At the end of each 6 month period, new functionality or content is delivered that helps position the intranet for the next round of improvements. Releasing intranet ‘upgrades’ every six months works well.

Instead of steadily working on longer-term activities, this approach asks: what can be delivered in the next six months? In answering this question, it also identifies those activities that are not just doable, but also worth doing (the best bang for the buck).

This is a cyclic process, with each six month period of activity leading into the next. Underlying this is the steady building of momentum for the intranet, giving an ‘upwards spiral’ that allows more to be done in each six month period. In this way, the intranet team can steadily work on ever-increasing needs and issues, even when the starting point is extremely constrained.

This means you are not waiting for the ‘right conditions’ to arise, and you can act constructively and proactively to build an increasingly effective intranet.

  • Uncover and brainstorm potential new intranet enhancements
  • Identify criteria for determining which enhancements to pick
  • Identify constraints that limit the intranet and intranet team
  • Review each activity in turn against the criteria and constraints
  • Determine a draft list of enhancements for the coming six months
  • Assess the list as a whole against the criteria and constraints
  • Obtain management signoff and develop a concrete project plan
  • Implement and launch the enhancements

SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint is Microsoft’s bestselling collaboration platform and that has led to a significant increase in demand for skilled SharePoint resources. Organizations seeking to maximize their SharePoint ROI consistently face the challenge of employing qualified SharePoint administrators and developers to build custom SharePoint solutions.

That’s where we can help. AISN’s dedicated SharePoint experts act as an extension of your own IT team, remotely managing your SharePoint environments to ensure stability and performance. Our managed services support cloud, hybrid and on-premises SharePoint deployments and are backed by strong SLAs to ensure prompt resolution of your service requests.

Let us help you with:

Unlimited support
Unlimited support

For configuration troubleshooting of SharePoint services.

Unlimited support
Support Tickets Portal

Track progress of your submitted tickets to our support system as we update in real time; full transparency lends to a confident working relationship.

Speak to a technical person
Pick up the phone and speak to a technical person right away

Get quick advice and direction or help us understand the full scope of the issue. * Fair Usage Policy applies. Mon-Fri, 9:00 am–5:00 pm. EST

Remote Web Assistance
Remote Web Assistance

Demonstrate any issues in the environment where they occur. *Fair Usage Policy applies. 24-hour lead time. Subject to scheduling availability, 9 am–4:30 pm, Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.

Issue Escalation
Issue Escalation

Escalate your tickets to highest priority in our support queue or to Microsoft Gold Partner support if required. *Fair Usage Policy applies. 16-hour maximum lead time for each response Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.

  • Managed Path Management
  • WEB Application Security
  • Adjusting SSL certificates & SSL Config
  • Site Quota Management
  • Creation of Content Databases
  • Site Collection Creation
  • Role Delineation among servers
  • Service Application Creation & config
  • WEB Application creation and config
  • Site Collection Security
  • Regional Settings
  • RSS Configuration
  • Site Output Cache
  • Moving Sites Within a Site Collection
  • Uploading and Installing Templates
  • Apply an installed Theme to a Site
  • Config Document Conversion Services
  • Site Collection Feature Management
  • Managing a Sites Navigation
  • Edit a Title, Description, or Icon
  • New Management Paths & Alternate Access Mappings
  • Service-Pack & Hot-fix application
  • Adding new servers to the farm
  • Install & Configure Third Party Web-Parts
  • Master Pages and Page Layouts
  • Resetting a Site Definition
  • Applying and Managing Page Layouts
  • Configuring InfoPath Forms Services

Our SharePoint Apps

SharePoint Megamenus

SharePoint Megamenus

MegaMenus transform out of the box navigation into state of the art menus that contain captions and images. This solution greatly enhances the user experience. It uses the built-in SharePoint navigation structure so there is no extra work to manage it!

Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment

This system tracks applicants, sends notifications to stakeholders and assists with scheduling interviews. It also allows you to request additional performance feedback from other managers and employees, through the use of automatically created and pre-populated emails.​

Backup and Disaster Recovery

SimpleTabs for SharePoint

Add this web part to a web part zone and any web parts in the zone will be grouped up as tabs. Imagine your home page with logical areas for multiple calendars or announcements; HR related information; staff anniversaries, birthdays, and much more!

HR Staff Onboarding

HR Staff Onboarding

The process of onboarding staff involves multiple stakeholders, considerable time, re-keying of data and high administration costs. It can be prone to error and involve lengthy delays to complete. Our onboarding solution is flexible, easy to implement and customizable to ensure it fits within your environment and business processes.​

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

StickyNote is a simple but useful app to bring sticky notes to your SharePoint Site. You can put small colorful reminders on a white wall and its a fantastic way to present notes on a page.​

Staff Performance Review

Staff Performance Review

Automates the employee review process — staff are evaluated based on their performance& goals and allows supervisors to completely customize their review process.

A Partner You Can Trust

At AISN, we don’t believe that “one size fits all” is the way to offer cloud solutions. Our business model is built on the belief that our clients deserve customized cloud platforms designed to meet their specific compliance, security and operational needs. If you have questions about the cloud or cloud enablement services, we have answers. Our experts are always happy to discuss your needs, so get in touch with us today.