Protecting Your Business and Data

Your data is one of your most valuable business assets, and keeping it safe should be one of your main priorities. If you have little security in place, there’s a minimum standard you should be implementing right now.

Dozens of security solutions perform different tasks – from preventing criminals from gaining access to recognizing attacks in progress and limiting the damage attackers can do. There’s no one-size-fits-all, as businesses have different priorities and data types to protect.

Here are three essentials that every business should put in place as a basic level of protection.

  1. Firewall

    A firewall monitors the internet traffic entering and leaving your IT network. It acts as a wall between your network and the outside world. It’s your first defense against an intruder breaking into your network.

  2. A password manager for everyone in the business.

    A password manager stores all your credentials securely and generates nearly impossible-to-guess passwords for all your accounts and applications. That’s useful against brute force attacks, where cyber criminals try to force their way into your system by guessing passwords. It also stops you from writing down your passwords somewhere ‘safe’!

  3. A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    A VPN is essential for any remote or hybrid workers in your business. Your employees can access your network anywhere without worrying that a criminal is watching their online activity. VPNs make browsing private, hiding your device, location details, and anything you download. If you or your employees regularly use public Wi-Fi – especially to access your network – a VPN is essential.

AISN is Here to Help.

These are our absolute minimum recommendations. The most vital security uses additional tools like multi-factor authentication to prove the identity of all users and antivirus software to deal with intrusions. These work together to create a multi-layered security shield to defend against threats on many fronts.

It would be best if you created a security plan that’s right for your specific business. Seeking professional help will save you time and money.

If we can help you, get in contact with us today!