AISN Launches SharePoint Managed Services As SharePoint Marks 15th Anniversary

Summary:  AIS Network, a secure and compliant cloud hosting expert serving large enterprises in the health care, pharmaceutical, government, financial industries, international corporations and The Commonwealth of Virginia, celebrates the 15th anniversary of SharePoint and upcoming SharePoint 2016 release with the launch of new and expanded SharePoint Managed Services.


McLean, Va. — March 28, 2016SharePoint Managed Services are AIS Network’s latest effort to help clients deploy useful SharePoint apps and get the most out of SharePoint collaboration, information management and business intelligence tools. The cloud hosting expert is launching the new offering this month as SharePoint celebrates its 15th anniversary and Microsoft prepares SharePoint Server 2016 for debut in May.


AISN is a secure and compliant hosting and managed services expert that began specializing in hosting the Microsoft SharePoint platform in 2001. Among its customers are large enterprises in the health care, pharmaceutical, government, and financial industries as well as international corporations and The Commonwealth of Virginia.


“Helping our clients unlock the value of using SharePoint as an integrated part of their everyday productivity is our goal,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson.


“AISN brings 23 years of application hosting experience and hundreds of SharePoint deployments to the table, and our Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services have grown out of this rich experience. Now that work teams are becoming more dynamic and digital content is growing exponentially, we’re taking our services to the next level to meet the changing needs of content collaboration in the digital workplace. That means offering apps and consulting services that make the SharePoint platform more simple, compliant, secure, intelligent and mobile for clients.”


Among the new customizable SharePoint app offerings for sites are SharePoint Megamenus, SimpleTabs and StickyNotes. The new Staff Recruitment, HR Staff Onboarding, and Staff Performance Review apps demonstrate how SharePoint can automate and simplify everyday business processes.


AISN’s expanded consulting services will reach beyond addressing infrastructure security and compliance to include SharePoint site and application development as well as helping clients develop a strategic “roadmap” for their SharePoint deployment.


“Better utilization of SharePoint features with documented plans of how to use them will benefit clients in the long run,” Atkinson said.


In May, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 will be released. Significant new innovations span user experiences, document collaboration, mobile enhancements, and platform improvements that redefine modern content collaboration.


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AIS Network takes highly regulated businesses and governments to the cloud.  AISN is the high compliance, secure cloud hosting and managed services expert serving large enterprises in the health care, pharmaceutical, government and financial industries, notably numerous international corporations and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  When our clients’ highly regulated data, applications, payment portals and websites are simply too critical or complex to entrust to a commodity hosting provider, they call us for help.  We engineer, customize and manage high-performance, secure cloud and disaster recovery solutions.  Our clients never worry about whether their IT environment can pass a HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, SOX or other compliance audit, because we pass ours 100% of the time.  We value highly giving our clients all of the personalized attention that they deserve, while also helping them to audit their infrastructure, reduce their IT compliance risk, avoid costly regulatory mistakes and lower costs for their business and their customers.  AISN is small business-certified. Visit