Understanding Microsoft Active Directory for IAM

Understanding Microsoft Active Directory for IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become a vital part of modern business, allowing organizations to manage the identities and access of their employees and customers. Within this context, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has become a prominent tool many organizations use to manage user identities and access permissions. At AIS Network, we know a lot … Read more

7 Steps to Web ADA Compliance and Accessibility

7 Steps to Web ADA Compliance and Accessibility

What do you mean I have to modernize my website? Does my website really need ADA compliance? Does everybody’s website need to be ADA compliant? These are all great questions, and this topic has become hot quite lately because lawsuits for website inaccessibility are at an all-time high. Website modernization, as it pertains to the … Read more

Cost of Downtime

Cost of Downtime

Cost of Downtime Ever calculate the cost of downtime? A major new survey by Veeam Software did, and the results reveal that there’s far more to system downtime than the bracing hard costs. In its fifth annual “Availability Report,” Veeam interviewed 1,140 senior IT staff in 24 countries, including 150 U.S. folks.  All of the … Read more

Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

Why upgrade to SharePoint 2016? SharePoint 2016 (SharePoint 2016 download guide) achieves general availability on May 4, so it’s time to decide about upgrading. What’s the benefit?  Well, to begin with, if you have a SharePoint farm that’s a few generations behind — say, SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 — you’re no longer supported. It’s time … Read more

Happy Birthday SharePoint, Fifteen Years!

Happy Birthday SharePoint!  Fifteen years!  Wow! Get ready for March 2016! It’s Happy 15th Birthday SharePoint! If our good wishes are several weeks early, it’s because we’re excited for Microsoft — and for us. Microsoft SharePoint is in good company. 2001 marked the year in which Wikipedia launched. It’s also the year in which Microsoft launched Windows XP, … Read more

SharePoint 2016 New Features

We’ve been hosting and developing around SharePoint since SharePoint Team Services 1.0.  That’s a loooong time!  That’s why we are excited about the SharePoint 2016 new features. If you didn’t already know, SharePoint 2016 is scheduled to hit the market later this spring. This new version should compensate for some of the missing features that … Read more

Secure Web App Best Practices

Maintaining a secure web environment is extremely important in today’s technological climate. So, let’s look at secure web app best practices. Performing regular scans and tests of your security posture is best practice and one that is rapidly becoming an essential piece to maintaining security at your organization. Web applications have become a common target … Read more

PCI DSS Requirements 3 and 4

Questions about PCI DSS Requirements 3 and 4? You’ve come to the right place. As you may know, AISN is a PCI compliant cloud hosting provider. Previously, we addressed questions about PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2. Today, we’re reprinting highlights from an exclusive online interview sponsored by our valued partner, KirkpatrickPrice. In this interview, … Read more

Talking Points: Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Are you thinking of moving legacy applications to the cloud? Earlier this month, I posted a blog about why organizations should move legacy applications to the cloud, specifically one of our High Security Clouds built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. I wanted to add some talking points to the previous entry for those IT folks … Read more

Move Legacy Apps to the Cloud

Frequently, we’re asked, “We need to move legacy apps to the cloud. How can I make the case to management?” The changing trends in business are creating significant burdens on IT, and those who do not embrace this change may lose their competitive edge.  When our customers need to move legacy apps to the cloud, … Read more