Cloud Security and Compliance Expert AIS Network Announces 100% Compliance Guarantee, New Website

Summary: AIS Network, a leading expert in enterprise-level cloud security and regulatory compliance, has kicked off 2015 with a bold, new “100% Compliance Guarantee” in conjunction with the launch of its newly redesigned website.


McLean, Va. — Feb. 2, 2015 — AIS Network, a leading expert in enterprise-level cloud security and regulatory compliance, has kicked off 2015 with a bold, new “100% Compliance Guarantee” in conjunction with the launch of its newly redesigned website.  Guaranteed compliance, part of the fabric of all of AISN’s hosting solutions and services, assures clients that AISN always passes its security and compliance audits, so that AISN clients can also pass theirs.

The “100% Compliance Guarantee” is at the core of AISN’s website,, which showcases an expanded array of custom cloud hosting solutions and services, including managed cloud, cloud migration and managed Microsoft Azure and compliance auditing services.

AISN’s compliance guarantee is a service benefit, says CEO Jay Atkinson, who adds that his company’s compliance with multiple security and regulatory standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, FERPA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX and others repeatedly saves its clients time and money and helps them to avoid costly litigation over compliance errors.

“Commodity hosting providers like AWS and Google, as well as many generalist hosting providers, treat your data like a commodity, and enterprise data is not a commodity.  It’s a strategic asset,” says Atkinson.

“They’ll offer to host your most sensitive, mission-critical data and applications but won’t give you a 100 percent compliance guarantee on the hosted environment, because they cannot stand behind it.”

For example, Atkinson said, transparency into where data resides is a key component of regulatory compliance.

“Whether you’re a bank, a hospital or a state agency, it’s important to know where your data is for multiple security and compliance reasons,” says Atkinson.

As part of their due diligence, financial institutions outsourcing IT are required by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council to know where their information is physically being stored.  Similarly, if you cannot tell HIPAA/HITECH auditors where specific data are housed physically, you are non-compliant with HIPAA.  To prevent leaks of classified information, federal regulations require that contractors working for federal agencies be able to identify the physical location of their data, including the data center in which it is housed and the device on which it resides.  Most hosting providers are not in a position to do this, Atkinson says.

“With commodity and generalist hosting providers, you just never know where your data is.  It may be in Taiwan or Tokyo or the Sao Paulo state or somewhere else entirely.  Unlike those providers, AISN can tell you exactly where your data is.  With complete transparency, we can show you your logs and document all security procedures performed on your solution’s architecture.  On-demand, you’ll be able to see what we did yesterday to protect your data.  That’s part of our guaranteed 100 percent compliance.”

AISN’s “100% Compliance Guarantee” comes standard with the company’s hosting solutions and services and applies to clients requiring compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, FISMA, FERPA, SOX, GLBA, and other regulatory standards.

“Smart IT pros who don’t want to worry about passing their next compliance audit know that they can move their most sensitive data to AISN and have complete peace of mind.  They know we’re the certified experts, and we have their back,” Atkinson says, noting that most AISN clients hail from the security-focused health care, pharmaceutical, government, education and financial services industries.

AISN’s redesigned website provides quick and easy access to educational information and blogs focused on compliance and security.

“We are excited about the new website and the robust information and resources it provides to customers, potential customers, partners and the media,” says Atkinson.

“AISN’s site will help visitors better understand what it means to work with a high security/ high compliance provider and what they need to expect in order to keep their data compliant and secure.”

AISN is a SWaM-certified small business and the preeminent cloud hosting provider for the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as numerous international commercial enterprises seeking the highest levels of compliance and responsiveness.


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AIS Network takes highly regulated businesses and governments to the cloud.  AISN is the high compliance, secure cloud hosting expert serving large enterprises in the health care, pharmaceutical, government and financial industries, notably numerous international corporations and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  When our clients’ highly regulated data, applications, payment portals and websites are simply too critical or complex to entrust to a commodity hosting provider, they call us for help.  We engineer, customize and manage high-performance, secure cloud and disaster recovery solutions.  Our clients never worry about whether their IT environment can pass a HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, SOX or other compliance audit, because we pass ours 100% of the time.  We value highly giving our clients all of the personalized attention that they deserve, while also helping them to audit their infrastructure, reduce their IT compliance risk, avoid costly regulatory mistakes and lower costs for their business and their customers.  Visit