Hurricane Preparedness: Protect Your Data

Hurricane preparedness should always be top of mind at this time of the year.

While those of us living in the Commonwealth of Virginia narrowly missed getting walloped by Hurricane Joaquin this month, folks in the Carolinas were not so fortunate. They were inundated with rain, resulting in damaging floods.  Businesses and governments were forced to close temporarily.

Natural threats such as these should serve as a wake-up call to all businesses and government agencies: prepare for catastrophic disasters even if you think they’re unlikely.

The ability of an organization to continue operations in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster is a critical concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Implementing IT disaster recovery may look simple, but without proper planning, it can quickly become expensive, complicated and unreliable.

When it comes to protecting your data from disaster, ask your hosting provider about how they can help you architect and implement an economical and yet effecctive disaster recovery solution. A good hosting provider can typically help you:

  1. Survive unplanned events
  2. Assure IT continuity through normal planned events
  3. Establish on-site and off-site protection
  4. Automate recovery procedures
  5. Proactively test your disaster recovery solution
  6. Ensure security and meet compliance requirements
  7. Select other disaster recovery vendors/partners

Are you considering how to protect your data in the event of another hurricane.  Contact us.  We can help you learn more.


Laurie Head is Vice President, Marketing/Communications for AIS Network..