Is Azure Backup All That?

Is Azure Backup All That

Is Azure backup all that?  Yes, in fact. Azure backup helps you retain rapidly increasing amounts of data while keeping storage costs low. And, it makes it easy for you to backup and restore your most important information when the unexpected happens.

Data has never been more critical to your enterprise as it transforms in this digital world. As ransomware attacks increase, built-in protection from Azure keeps your data safe. Azure Backup gives you a cost-effective, simple and secure backup solution that protects your data.

Three key benefits are:

It’s simple. Set up Azure Backup for your virtual machines in three steps. Once the initial backup is completed, only incremental changes are sent based on a defined schedule. Retain your backups for as long as your compliance team requires it. And, find support for virtual machines running on VMware, Hyper-V, Linux and Windows.

It’s secure. Built-in protection against ransomware helps you protect your data from unauthorized requests to delete your backups. Before ransomware has the chance to corrupt your data, you’ll be notified about suspicious backup activities so you can save your data. Generate a security PIN required to complete critical backup operations for an additional layer of protection.

It’s cost-effective. Store your backups in Azure instead of an offsite to reduce infrastructure costs. Pay for what you use in Azure.

So what do folks have to say about Azure backup? Well, here are a few shout-outs for Azure backup.

“We don’t have to worry about managing space on expensive, purpose-built backup storage systems. We have no tape costs, management costs, nothing. Backup is dramatically cheaper with Azure.” – Sean DeLessio, Lead Engineer, Russell Reynolds Associates

“Even with the cost of adding a Data Protection Manager server to each jobsite, Azure Backup is cheaper than our previous solution—one quarter the cost. The savings increase with every gigabyte of data we add.” – Chris Palmer, Solutions Architect, PCL Construction

“By using long-term Azure Backup to eliminate tape, we could save US$20,000 annually….We also avoided the need to build or rent an off-site backup location at a cost of $50,000.” – Kerem Karabiber, IT and Business Development Manager, Kardem

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