Talking Points: Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Are you thinking of moving legacy applications to the cloud? Earlier this month, I posted a blog about why organizations should move legacy applications to the cloud, specifically one of our High Security Clouds built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

I wanted to add some talking points to the previous entry for those IT folks who need to make the case to upper management:

Extend the life of your business applications

  • Avoid costly infrastructure purchases required to maintain and grow application support
  • Migrate your existing apps with reduced re-writes

Run your mission-critical apps on Windows Server

  • Provide the support your mission-critical apps require with Cloud Platform: communications, business analytics, and HR/management
  • Minimal re-code necessary to move to the cloud

Minimize management, training, and support issues

  • Reduce the challenges of supporting apps on older operating systems and hardware

Faster deployment. Highly scalable.

  • Fully automated self-service platform that you can provision in minutes
  • Easily scale your infrastructure up and down in response to usage demands, trends, and growth
  • Pay only for the resources you consume

Provide virtually “anywhere access” on multiple devices

  • Deliver application access to employees and customers across many devices: smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets

Enterprise-class reliability

  • Expand, grow, and evolve your business by adding new apps quickly and easily whenever needed
  • Interoperability of your diverse applications

Enhanced security

  • Patches, updates and vulnerability tests are managed by AISN to ensure security features are kept up-to-date

Develop actionable business insights

  • Integrates corporate applications and data with cloud data sources to drive real-time insight

Hope that is helpful. If I can help you work through issues, contact us at


Bill Peters is AISN’s director of business development.