What You Need to Know About Azure Cloud Enablement

Azure Cloud Enablement

Quick question: what is the biggest barrier most companies face when considering Azure Cloud enablement? You’re probably thinking it has something to do with cost or the challenges of deployment, but it’s not.

The answer is trust.

Organizations considering Azure Cloud enablement need to know the solution they’re choosing is safe and secure. Even though Cloud as a concept is old news, the number one concern that stops people from fully embracing it is security. And it isn’t an issue with a specific solution or vendor — it’s a general feeling of insecurity. Full stop.

“Businesses and users are going to embrace technology only if they can trust it.”

— Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Using Cloud Doesn’t Equal Trust

Chances are if you’re reading this post, you already use Cloud in your day-to-day life. Most people do. We binge-watch our favorite shows and movies on streaming platforms. We share calendars with colleagues and family to coordinate on meetings and important dates. We manage our debts, savings and make bill payments. The most personal and intimate details of our lives are in the Cloud.

So why, when it comes to our businesses, do we hesitate? Cloud technology makes our lives so much easier. Couldn’t our companies benefit in many of the same ways from Azure Cloud enablement?

The reality is that, even though we entrust our personal data to the Cloud on a regular basis, many of us don’t actually have complete faith in its security. And quite frankly, many of our fears are unfounded. In this post, I’m going to debunk some of the myths about the risks of using Cloud for business. Together, we’ll take a look at Azure Cloud enablement and how it can actually secure your data, protect private information and support compliance with global standards.


When your data is locked up on an on-premises server, a passcode and a sturdy lock are probably enough to make sure no one can access your business-critical or sensitive data. When it comes to Cloud, your information needs to be protected within the Cloud datacenter you choose, as well as in transit to and from the Cloud.

Azure Cloud enablement includes industry-standard transport protocols to protect data as it moves between user devices and Microsoft datacenters and while data is stored in Azure datacenters. Azure also offers a wide range of encryption capabilities for data at rest — meaning you have the ability to choose a security solution that works for you.



If you deploy a Cloud solution, who decides what data is stored where? Can you still keep certain information on-premises, or is everything vulnerable to whatever threats might be lurking online? What if you change your mind about where something is stored?

Choosing an Azure Cloud enablement hybrid solution ensures you retain full control of what data goes to the Cloud and what stays on-premises. And you can move data back and forth as you see fit. Microsoft takes customer security and privacy very seriously and has implemented stringent measures to prevent any unauthorized access to your data.


Just as Cloud technology is continually evolving, so are standards and requirements for those who supply it. A static Cloud solution would be of very little use very quickly — which is why it’s important to entrust your data to a company that keeps up with global standards.

All Microsoft solutions are built on a foundation that prioritizes security, privacy and reliability. Microsoft creates, implements and continuously works to improve security-aware software development, operational and threat mitigation practices, and shares its knowledge with both government and commercial partners. At the heart of Azure Cloud enablement is a collaboration aimed at building and securing trust in Cloud.

Support for Azure Cloud Enablement

When you understand how Cloud works and how many protections and options are in place to ensure you feel secure where your data lives, it becomes a lot easier to trust the Cloud. In reality, Azure Cloud enablement actually provides a much more secure environment for your data than an on-premises server.

If you want an even higher level of security and support, AISN offers managed Azure Cloud security services, giving you extra measures of protection for your data. If you’re considering Azure Cloud enablement for your business, we can help. The experts at AISN can answer your questions and help you choose a solution that works for you. Contact us today.

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