AIS Network has been ranked on the Virginia Business Magazine’s 2023 list of the 100 “Best Places to Work in Virginia.”  Let’s look at why AISN is such a great place to work!

AISN Offers Quality of Life

First, given that we are in a 24x7x365-driven industry, we put a high value on ensuring that our team members have a great quality of life. Paying our team members very well, securing their future financial freedom via 401K contributions and enabling them to find work-life balance is our priority. AISN has physical office space in two locations but working remotely has been our superpower since 2010. Most of our employees choose to work remotely, leveraging our flexible work hours and an AISN-blessed ability to tend to their health and family needs. AISN equips employees with excellent technology as well as free Zoom accounts for work or personal use. We support their education, training and personal growth by sponsoring their participation in conferences and other educational and networking events. All full-time employees receive comprehensive medical, dental and vision health insurance coverage in addition to paid holidays as well as vacation and wellness days.

AISN Rewards Success

Quality work done with excellence is a core value, and AISN loves to reward success. Employees are motivated for outstanding performance through bonuses, companywide recognition and our time-honored tradition of celebrating hard work, success and milestones by giving employees high-value gift cards or gift certificates. For example, when AISN ranked on the Inc. 5000 for the first time in 2021, every full- and half-time employee received a generous gift card. Due to the pandemic,  we could not celebrate in person as a team. Instead, we encouraged employees to spend it in celebration with their own families.

AISN Employees Work Hard and Play Hard

AISN’s executive team understands that the foundation for a high-functioning team begins with employees who communicate freely, work hard and play together. On the job, AISN empowers employees to use their expertise in assessing situations and courses of action and making the right decisions to succeed. Off the job, employees bond with their colleagues through lunches, dinners, happy hours, parties, regional events, conferences and the beloved year-end holiday dinner.

AIS Network Holiday Party 2021

AISN Has Forward-Thinking Leadership

Want to know another reason why our employees love working for AISN?

Forward-thinking leadership. They feel supported by an accessible, executive leadership team that listens intently. They appreciate that the CEO, Jay Atkinson, leads in this effort with a companywide open-door policy. Employees know that they can call him or any member of the company freely and without having to navigate a hierarchy of corporate bosses. Jay, who was recently appointed by Governor Glenn Youngkin to the Virginia Small Business Commission, has successfully completed the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate program at Cornell University and was awarded a certificate in 2020. He fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For example, Juneteenth was an AISN holiday before it became a state or federal holiday. Also, the company actively recruits women; more than a third of AISN staff are women and half of those are in leadership roles. In 2021, RVATech recognized him with the MLM “Male Ally” Award for his work regionally to improve the diversity levels of women in technology and prioritize supporting their careers.

His work toward this goal is also reflected at AIS Network. For example, he encouraged an AISN female executive to apply for the Class of 2016 in the competitive Lead Virginia program. He not only paid for her full tuition, but he also provided for her child care while she was traveling with the class. Today, she now serves on the Lead Virginia board and executive committee. She says, “Jay has always embraced his role in advancing Virginia’s future and has engaged actively in that shared responsibility as an ally of women in the IT field and as an ally of those who seek to make the world a better place through equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion. He uses his deep reservoir of talent and expertise to promote the successes of women within the company and in the IT community and open doors for their advancement.”


AISN Internships Are Substantive

Finally, AISN’s interns (incidentally, most have been female) also benefit from AISN’s corporate culture. AISN makes it a top priority to ensure that all AISN interns receive the resources that they need to succeed in their information technology careers. These young people learn valuable skills and assume projects with progressive responsibilities that exceed the typical duties of an intern. Each intern has moved on in his/her career successfully with AISN-supported enrichment experiences both in and outside of the workplace, mentoring from other leaders within the company, personalized resume assistance and a positive recommendation.

So what’s stopping you from joining us? If you are interested in becoming part of a dynamic team, let us know today!