What Is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth - Freedom Day

June·teenth /jo͞oːnˌtēːnTH,ˌjo͞onˈtēnTH,jo͞o:nˈtē:nTH/ To fully understand the origin of Juneteenth, we must go back to Galveston, Texas, in 1865, the observance of June 19th as the African American Emancipation Day. Juneteenth is a holiday that is one of the oldest, nationally celebrated commemorations of the ending of slavery in the United States. Let us not forget, … Read more

Benefits of Running Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Running Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Successful cloud migration begins with a series of key decisions and simple steps forward such as choosing to run Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure. Why Azure? Customers choose Azure for their Windows Server workloads for three reasons: cloud security, increased agility and reduced costs. You mean I can’t just use my old Windows … Read more

How To Get FERPA-Compliant Cloud Storage

FERPA-Compliant Cloud Storage

Aging IT infrastructure presents many challenges for an educational institution, not the least of which is ensuring compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (or FERPA). Migration to the Cloud may seem like the obvious solution — it can help you cut costs and improve accessibility, two major problems presented by older hardware … Read more

Welcome, Eddie McAndrew

A big welcome to Eddie McAndrew, AISN’s new chief operating officer. In Eddie, we have a seasoned and trusted leader who consistently delivers results. He’s uniquely qualified to drive strategic prioritization and operational excellence within AISN. Moreover, he has been successful at managing multi-million-dollar projects, bringing them in on time, within budget and with high … Read more

What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What business goals or objectives are driving cloud initiatives at your company? Could they be among these? Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) Improving customer support or services Gaining a competitive edge Enabling innovation Enabling business continuity Speed of deployment Replacing on-premise legacy technology  Savings on CAPEX (capital expenditures) Reducing resource waste Greater flexibility to … Read more

Our Site Was Not Hacked

Our Site Was Not Hacked

No. Our site was not hacked. Period. Yesterday, a customer Googled us only to find this — under our name, a notation from Google, which indicated “This site may be hacked.” Since our core strength is security and we are regularly audited by independent auditors to ensure our 24x7x365 security posture, this surprised us considerably. … Read more

WannaCrypt Ransomware Defense

WannaCrypt Ransomware Defense

Looking for WannaCrypt ransomware defense? On Friday, May 12th, a large ransomware attack was launched, known as WannaCrypt (a.k.a. WannaCry). It infected more than 230,000 computers across 150 countries. This unprecedented cyberattack left organizations struggling in the aftermath as they try to recover. WannaCrypt demands payment of ransom in bitcoin and has spread in several … Read more

AISN Announces Creative Partnership, Integration With Ciniva

Summary: Virginia SWaM IT contractor AIS Network has announced a partnership with integrated marketing firm Ciniva Agency. Upcoming projects include work on web applications that can handle big data and development work in the Virginia tourism industry.   McLean, Va. — May 12, 2017 — AIS Network, a leader in IT managed services, and Ciniva, … Read more