Will Moving to Azure Require Redesigning Apps?

Will Moving to Azure Require Redesigning Apps?

Will moving to Azure mean that we need to redesign our applications?

That is one of the frequently asked questions from customers who are considering a move to Microsoft Azure. They tend to have a lot of applications and many of them are legacy apps (the migration of which happens to be our specialty, since we have so many government customers).

Moving any application into the cloud will require some level of redesign or re-architecture of the solution. That is inevitable.

The beauty of leveraging hybrid cloud is that the same Hyper-V Virtual Machines (VMs), for example, that are running on-premise or through another third party cloud can easily be moved to Azure, and will run without needing to make modifications on Azure VMs.

Through AISN, you can leverage the free 30-day trial of Azure Site Recovery to migrate your on-premises physical Windows/Linux servers, on-premises Hyper-V VMs, and/or on-premises VMware VMs up into Azure with ease. If you are migrating on-premises VMWare VMs, then Azure Site Recovery will convert the VM to a Hyper-V as part of the migration.

So, what’s the answer? Migration from on-premise to cloud is straightforward with minimum disruption. AISN can help you start simple with a “lift and shift” strategy. That way, you can get a feel what it’s like to work with us and we can show you why we’re the trusted partner of so many clients.

Bill Peters is Director of Business Development for AIS Network.