AIS Network Cloud Hosting Marks 20-Year Anniversary, Celebrating Growth in Cloud, Government Hosting

Hosting Pioneer AIS Network Marks 20-Year Anniversary, Celebrating Growth in Cloud Hosting, Government Hosting

Summary: AIS Network Cloud Hosting celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The hosting pioneer recently doubled its Northern Virginia cloud, broadened further its enterprise-class SharePoint hosting customer base and expanded its hosting for multiple new federal, state and local government clients.

Reston, VA — January 2, 2013 — As AIS Network Cloud Hosting marks its 20th anniversary this year, the hosting pioneer is finding a lot to celebrate.  Over the last year, the company has doubled its Northern Virginia cloud, broadened further its enterprise-class SharePoint hosting customer base, and expanded its hosting for multiple new federal, state and local electronic government (eGov) clients.

The privately held AISN is a leading provider of custom, enterprise-class hosting solutions for mission-critical applications and big data with the most demanding requirements for security, compliance and responsiveness.  Last spring, AISN announced its selection by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) as a contracted supplier chosen to offer IT hosting services to Virginia state agencies throughout the commonwealth and other eligible public entities, including Virginia counties, cities, towns, educational institutions and public safety providers.

“The opportunities for hosting are dramatically bigger than they were two decades ago, and the road ahead is even brighter as the demand for highly secure cloud-based hosting increases,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson.

“AISN’s consistent growth over the past 20 years, our strong position in the cloud computing industry today and our ability to offer our customers state-of-the-art virtualization technologies gives us a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to.  Most importantly, we’re grateful to our customers, partners, employees, advisors and everyone who has been a part of AISN’s 20-year history.”

Atkinson noted that he is most proud of the responsive customer service that AISN provides, giving the company an extremely low customer churn rate.

“We do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers are delighted with our service.  Many AISN customers have been with the company longer than a decade, and we are very proud of that fact,” he said.

“Our top priority is responsiveness.  And when prospective customers ask for help building a custom hosting solution, we don’t delay – even before they engage with us.  That’s the way we do business.”

History of AIS Network

Founded in 1993 by current AISN President of Midwest Operations Dan Lundahl, the company began operations in Chicago and has grown steadily as a leading provider of enterprise cloud hosting and managed hosting services for governments and businesses across North America.

In 2010, AISN was acquired by 3Sixty Holdings, LLC, a technology-focused holding company.  At that time, Atkinson became its chief executive and long-time Internet executive Kurt Baumann was appointed chairman and chief technology officer, bringing along a team of seasoned executives.  AISN moved its headquarters from Illinois to Virginia last year but retained its Chicago area office.

Today, organizations with vast amounts of data and large user populations, particularly those in government agencies as well as the highly regulated health care and financial services industries, rely on AISN to host their most sensitive data, applications and websites in a fully compliant environment.