Understanding AISN’s SharePoint Hosting Plans

By Bill Peters
AIS Network, Director of Business Development

Whether you choose cloud hosting or more traditional managed hosting for your SharePoint, you should feel 100% confident about the security, safety and reliability of your hosting environment.

Not only does AISN extend to you the benefits of the latest Microsoft collaboration solutions, but we also use our Microsoft-certified SharePoint expertise to maintain a world-class, SSAE 16 Type II-compliant computing environment for your corporate SharePoint. We recognize that our clients are often asked to jump through myriad compliance and regulatory hoops, so we demand that of ourselves. If you are unfamiliar with SSAE 16 Type II certification, it means we’ve subjected ourselves to a grueling independent audit to certify the security and integrity of our products, our operations and our hosting environment.

Active Directory?  SQL Server?  SSL certificates?  FAST Search?  We know that deploying SharePoint can often be quite confusing.  As you may already know, SharePoint is an extremely powerful platform.  At AISN, we recognize that setting up all its components to get started can be a challenge for most organizations. That’s why we strive to be the best—at providing the right kind of reliable hosting for our clients’ needs and ensuring that we walk each client through the decision process necessary to deploy it securely, safely and reliably the first time around.

Whether you are interested in deploying SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Server, AISN has designed a variety of all-inclusive SharePoint hosting plans and custom-built solutions tailored to fit varying needs and budgets:

  • Hosted SharePoint Private Cloud: For businesses of any size, our SharePoint in the cloud offering provides a private, dedicated server experience with quick scaling and complete control by the customer.
  • Hosted SharePoint Foundation, Shared Server Plans:  For entry-level needs and budgets, hosted SharePoint Foundation on a shared server may be the best option. Our fixed-price plans start as low as $25 per month for up to 10 users.
  • Hosted SharePoint Foundation, Dedicated Server Plans:  For larger organizations requesting custom plans with more demanding requirements, hosted SharePoint Foundation in a dedicated server environment may be optimal. Our custom plans start as low as $525 per month.
  • Hosted SharePoint Server, Dedicated Server Plans:  For very large organizations with unique support or storage requirements, hosted SharePoint Server in a dedicated server environment is ideal. Our custom plans start as low as $959 per month.
  • Hosted SharePoint for Internet Sites:  With hosted SharePoint FIS, you can build an amazing Internet or extranet site that also has powerful search and interactive features.  Best of all, SharePoint FIS’ extraordinary Web content management features free the IT staff from having to make every little change to the Web site.

Need to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 from SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007?  Just ask us. We host everything SharePoint and offer a full range of Microsoft SharePoint managed services.