AISN Completes Virginia School Quality Profiles Site

AISN Completes Virginia School Quality Profiles Site

Summary: Virginia SWaM IT contractor AIS Network has completed development of the Virginia School Quality Profiles site for schools, school divisions and the Commonwealth. The online data tool is part of the Virginia Department of Education’s outreach on the status and achievements of public schools.

McLean, Va. — Feb. 21, 2017 — AIS Network, the high compliance, secure IT managed services expert serving the Commonwealth of Virginia and large enterprises across multiple industries, is pleased to announce that it has completed development of the Virginia Department of Education’s School Quality Profiles site, an online data tool that communicates to parents and the public about the status and achievements of Virginia’s public schools.

AISN, a Virginia SWaM-certified IT contractor, has worked closely with the VDOE to develop and host the new site. The state Board of Education has identified additional data to be added by AISN on an ongoing basis. This includes reports on gifted education programs, average class sizes, and statistically valid surveys of students, teachers and other school employees on the learning environment.

Since 2012, AISN has been the premier provider of eGov Services to the Commonwealth of Virginia, supporting dozens of state agencies and other public entities with application development, support, security and high compliance cloud hosting.

“AISN was uniquely positioned to implement a successful launch of Virginia’s School Quality Profiles,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson, whose company is actively engaged with the VDOE on other projects.

“Across all aspects of design and development, the AISN team has a deep understanding of the aesthetic and technical features that must be reflected in statewide school report card tools in order to engage a range of stakeholders. This is going to be an excellent tool for the state to share ongoing results openly and honestly. Parents and students deserve a tool that delivers transparency and accountability, so that they can be well-informed.”

Atkinson said public and media feedback on the site has been positive.

Virginia State Superintendent Steven R. Staples, in a statement released by the department, said, “The interactive graphics of the School Quality Profiles reveal important facts about quality and performance that otherwise might be lost in the data. Users can drill down to exactly the level of information they want, and if there are achievement gaps or other areas in need of improvement, those become obvious as the user interacts with the display.”

The VDOE provides support, guidance and technical assistance to Virginia’s 132 school divisions and is the executive branch agency responsible for implementing K-12 policy decisions of the state legislature, governor and state Board of Education.

AISN supported the agency’s efforts to respond to the 2015 General Assembly, which directed the Board of Education to redesign online reports for schools and school divisions to communicate more effectively to parents and the public about the status and achievements of Virginia’s public schools.

School Quality Profiles are available for all schools, school divisions, and for the state. The site provides data about student achievement, college and career readiness, program completion, school safety, teacher quality and other topics of interest.

The interactive School Quality Profiles replace static PDF reports on schools and school divisions that the VDOE first published in the late 1990s. The current site is fully accessible to the visually handicapped and can be accessed by mobile device. It is Section 508 compliant, satisfies all the Virginia State IT Accessibility Requirements and State Website Standards, and meets ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

AISN’s three contract vehicles make Virginia government IT purchasing easy. They are the CAI Virginia IT Contingent Labor Contract Statement of Work (SOW) – Application Development, VA-120416-AISN Hosting Services, and VA-120413-BPI Web Applications Maintenance and Operations. Executive branch agencies, counties, cities, towns, schools and all other public entities throughout Virginia can use AISN as a one-stop shop to build, host, operate and maintain their mission-critical applications, websites, portals, databases and more.


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