Congratulations to Terry Engelstad, New AIS Network VP

By Kurt Baumann
AIS Network Chairman and CTO

Terry Engelstad, New AIS Network VP

Congratulations to Terry Engelstad on his promotion at AIS Network.

Today, we announced the promotion of Terry Engelstad to the position of VP of Network Operations.

It”s a much deserved promotion, as Terry has been such an important part of all our recent growth.  Terry started with AISN in 2007 and has since helped us double our network.  And we are on path to do that again in 2013.

With Terry, AISN has gained not only over 20 additional certifications in Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle, but also over 2 decades of network and software engineering experience.  Terry’s leadership has also helped us expand into new locations (Virginia) and new markets including our Virginia eGov initiative, which has been very fruitful for the company. Terry is also a valued blogger on this site.  He addresses many of the useful but somewhat obscure questions that we receive from clients on a regular basis.

Interesting tidbit: Terry, who is a born and bred Chicagoan, actually was a professional soccer player and played with the Chicago Mustangs. How about that?

Find out more about Terry on his bio or read our press release here.

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