Demand for Cloud, Partner Program Is Driving Growth at AIS Network

By Jay Atkinson
AIS Network CEO

Kurt Baumann
In the data center, Kurt Baumann doubled our cloud earlier this month.

More companies are shifting from on-premise computing to cloud-based services, and that means cloud providers are attaining sales goals earlier than expected.  It’s plain to see why Forrester Research analysts are predicting that the private cloud market will double to more than $15 billion in 2020.

At AIS Network, we’re experiencing a good deal of that momentum too.  Yesterday, we announced that we have doubled the size of our public cloud several months earlier than anticipated.  Last year, we brought on more new customers in one year than in any single year of the company’s 19-year history.  Notably, at AISN, new cloud customers are outpacing more traditional managed hosting customers by three to one.

In large part, I attribute this growth to the great success of the AISN partner program, which we launched last March.  Through the support of our wonderful partners, we’ve added numerous new enterprise-class customers, particularly those needing customized, cloud-based SharePoint, SharePoint for Internet Sites (SharePoint FIS) and high-end SaaS applications.

Thanks to those who refer us and to those who partner with us.  Most especially, thanks to our terrific clients.  We are looking forward to another great year!

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