Top 6 Benefits of AIS Network’s Managed Private Cloud

By Jay Atkinson
AIS Network CEO

You want to spend more of your IT dollar on the innovation that your customers expect. So in order for you to focus on your business, the ratio of what you build out “new” versus what you spend time maintaining and running has to improve measurably. Plus, you want maximum control over your IT environment with the least hit to your organization’s bottom line.

You’re sure you get every bit of that and more by moving from a traditional deployment to AIS Network’s Managed Private Cloud architecture. But, how do you persuade the C-Suite to let go of the current environment?

What are the six most compelling benefits for AISN’s Managed Private Cloud?

  1. Security. Industrial strength security and integrity of data are paramount. AISN’s Managed Private Cloud offers the benefits of cloud technology, but keeps all your data on hardware dedicated to and controlled by you. Under the umbrella of a security framework that you define, you can best address your customers’ security needs and meet the most stringent of compliance requirements – a big enhancement, when compared with open, online casino more heterogeneous systems.
  2. Compliance. Stringent compliance is a priority. A key component of any high-level compliance program such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH or FISMA is the ability to segregate your data from others. With AISN’s Managed Private Cloud, you control your own SAN, which eliminates the possibility of database cross pollination. For PCI compliant solutions, we can easily provide you with your own dedicated firewall. AISN is SSAE 16 Type II-compliant and our methods are explicitly documented and verified by an independent auditor.
  3. Scalability. Managing growth confidently is critical. As the pure IT content of your business grows, so does the ability to have a flexible – and essentially infinite – expandable computing base. With an AISN Managed Private Cloud, you don’t have to purchase and maintain additional hardware. We manage the technology so that you can focus on business strategy.
  4. Cost. Saving money is smart business. Deploying an enterprise-scale system in AISN’s Managed Private Cloud can cost significantly less than others would charge you to implement the same system in a public cloud or a hybrid cloud. And, as you grow, you get the benefits of economies of scale, meaning your per virtual machine cost decreases.
  5. Performance. Speed matters. Since you’re in your own AISN Managed Private Cloud, you don’t have to share resources with other customers and worry whether another customer’s application failure will impact you. Faster response times and a healthier infrastructure is a good thing.
  6. High Availability. 100% uptime rocks. AISN’s Managed Private Clouds have both physical and virtual redundancy built in to ensure High Availability. Our SSAE 16 Type II-certified data centers safeguard your data against natural and man-made disasters,including physical security breaches. Our rock-solid Service Level Agreement guarantees it.

AISN’s Managed Private Cloud positions you at a competitive advantage by accomplishing your business need to go FASTER – confidently. For more details, get in touch with us. We”d love to help. (Jay Atkinson,

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