Why Is Compliance in the Cloud Important?


By Joseph Kirkpatrick
Managing Partner, KirkpatrickPrice

The world’s digital infrastructure is a constantly growing industry.  This is why the use of data centers has become exceedingly popular. What is the scary thing about collecting and storing highly sensitive information?  The risk of a security breach.

When a company utilizes a data center, such as for cloud computing and hosting, it’s important that they are aware of the security of their organization’s data, especially because data centers often times outsource to other vendors. What does this mean to you?  This means they may also have access to your data.  This is why cloud hosting providers must be in compliance with all applicable privacy laws when it comes to keeping data secure during the collection, storage and use of your sensitive information.

How is compliance measured?  Compliance is measured by how well organizations meet the data security standards and regulations that are meant to help you keep your information confidential and secure.  The use of data centers is very resourceful as long as you’re sure your service provider is complying with these industry accepted security standards and regulations.  Some of the companies that comply with SSAE 16, PCI Data Security Standards, and Trust Services Principles and Criteria have already taken these steps and have been audited by third parties, such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Quality Security Assessors (QSAs).

So, what steps should you be taking?  Start taking your organization’s security into consideration and ensure compliance in the cloud.

About our Guest Blogger: Joseph Kirkpatrick is Managing Partner at KirkpatrickPrice, an experienced assurance service firm specializing in technology and information security audits. Visit KirkpatrickPrice at www.kirkpatrickprice.com

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