What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What business goals or objectives are driving cloud initiatives at your company? Could they be among these?

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improving customer support or services
  • Gaining a competitive edge
  • Enabling innovation
  • Enabling business continuity
  • Speed of deployment
  • Replacing on-premise legacy technology 
  • Savings on CAPEX (capital expenditures)
  • Reducing resource waste
  • Greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions
  • Development of new products or services
  • Need for real-time information
  • Faster return on investment
  • Expanding new revenue opportunities   

Did you know that ensuring business continuity and lowering costs are the primary drivers behind adopting cloud technologies, according to industry analyst IDG?

But IT decision-makers are also planning to leverage the cloud to improve customer support and services (38%), increase the time of application development (37%), and replace their on-premises legacy technologies (35%).

If you are having challenges sorting out your business goas, AISN can help. Choosing the right cloud partner is key. Your cloud partner should be someone who will be supportive — someone who cares about your success.


Laurie Head is Co-Owner of AIS Network.