Could Your Business Benefit From a vCISO?

Business Benefit From a vCISO

As your organization grows, so do your risks. Threats to network and data security are more complex, nuanced, and numerous than ever, and it’s wise for you to be ready. It would be best to have prevention measures and remediation strategies — and you’ll probably want help.

The field of cybersecurity is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to stay ahead of the curve. And the consequences of failure can be severe. Having someone on your team who specializes in information security — even on a part-time basis — can be helpful in many aspects of your cybersecurity strategy.
Did You Know? 86% of companies properly staffed with cybersecurity expertise employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
With specialized training and a steady eye on the evolving threat landscape, a part-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can help your organization move forward safely as you embrace technological developments. They can also help protect you from loss and cement your reputation as a business with the right mindset toward cybersecurity.
What Does a CISO Do

What Does a CISO Do?

Hiring a CISO is critical in protecting your organization from the latest cybersecurity threats and a breach’s potential financial and legal ramifications. The duties of a CISO typically include:


  • Assessing the state of the cybersecurity strategy and identifying strengths and weaknesses in its design and implementation


  • Developing and driving the implementation of critical initiatives to close gaps, build on existing strengths, and correct weaknesses
  • Leading development, approval, implementation, and periodic updates of information security policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines
  • Partnering with enterprise architecture, infrastructure, and application development teams to ensure that technology solutions align with cybersecurity policies and standards


  • Ensuring your cybersecurity program is compliant with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements
  • Establishing and overseeing vulnerability management, including regular vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and the coordination of remediation activities
  • Overseeing incident response planning and breach investigation activities


  • Providing expertise on security standards and best practices
  • Monitoring external threat intelligence sources and advising stakeholders on appropriate courses of action
  • Training staff and board members to elevate their understanding of privacy, cybersecurity risk issues, and processes

Why a vCISO?

As your organization builds its network and data needs, its IT infrastructure and application management will become increasingly complex. Your risks will evolve with each new connection, a bit of software, or employee. And the bigger your operations become, the more you’ll need a CISO. But can you afford one?

Why a vCISO

As shared offices and infrastructure popularity rose before so many of us started working from home, the “only pay for what you need” model has become a go-to for many successful businesses. You get the expertise and oversight of a CISO, but you only pay a fraction of their salary. It’s a win-win.

You have a couple of options if you’re looking for a vCISO: you can hire a freelancer or contract the services of a partner that provides CISOs as needed. There are pros and cons to working with freelancers.

Freelancer Pros

  • Expert knowledge
  • Previous experience
  • Affordable

Freelancer Cons

  • Availability is not guaranteed
  • Onboarding times can vary if they’re used to systems that differ from yours

Benefits of a vCISO From Your MSP

While freelance CISOs can offer some benefits to organizations unprepared to shoulder the cost of adding a full-time executive, working with a vCISO from your managed services partner offers those benefits. In addition to affordable expertise, a vCISO can provide:


A vCISO will provide the cybersecurity expertise and oversight you need when you need it — not when they have time. If you’re facing a critical vulnerability and unsure of the following steps, do you want to wait for answers? If your organization has experienced a breach, you need someone with 24-7 availability.


Cybersecurity experts are some of the most highly sought-after members of the technology world. They’re also some of the most stressed. A vCISO from your MSP won’t bail on you because another client offered them more money, and they’re less likely to burn out because colleagues can share their load.


Regardless of your organization’s size, ensuring adequate governance of your cybersecurity policies and programs is critical. Without a dedicated CISO, overseeing your ever-evolving security measures and addressing threats and vulnerabilities may fall to a team member who lacks the authority to implement changes and ensure compliance.

Looking for a vCISO?

A vCISO can enhance and maintain your organization’s cybersecurity maturity for a fraction of the cost of adding a full-time executive. CISOs can help strengthen your team and network security needs and strengthen your organization. Want to know more about the benefits of working with a vCISO? Talk to our team at AISN now.