Customer Service…We Can!

Customer Services

Customer service is so very important to the fabric of AIS Network.

Maybe it’s my Midwest roots…or, perhaps, it’s a result of working in my grandparents’ antique store in the 1970s, but I was raised at a time “when the customer is always right.”

Well, being absolutely honest, I have to admit that I have stumbled upon customers that I didn’t think were in the right, but, for the most part, I believe in “over” support when it comes to customer service.

For example, when I ran a TCP/IP enterprise software company back in the early days of the commercial Internet, we were famous for answering any questions that came our way.  We literally had our support team answering questions for products such as Aldus PageMaker (desktop publishing), Microsoft Office products, and many-a-public domain network utility.  We didn’t do this as a matter of course, but should it arise, we didn’t back away.  We did it because we wanted extremely satisfied customers, AND, because we could.

And that is the philosophy I bring to my ventures.  Like I said, perhaps it’s my Midwest roots.


Kurt Baumann is Chairman and CTO of AIS Network.

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