SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Usage Best Practices

SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Usage Best Practices

SharePoint 2010 adoption concerns fall into two categories: technical and non-technical.

Technical adoption hurdles include concerns about logical architecture, physical architecture, network bandwidth and content database size, among other issues.

Non-technical adoption hurdles include concerns about getting your SharePoint 2010 solution accepted and used by those within your organization and whether or not your users have the knowledge they need to use SharePoint effectively in order to get the most out of it.

Leading SharePoint experts Scott Jamison and Susan Hanley cover these issues thoroughly in two best practices whitepapers published by Microsoft.

The “SharePoint 2010 Adoption Best Practices White Paper” guides you in creating an adoption strategy and training plan to encourage SharePoint usage within your organization. The white paper tackles questions such as:

  • How do I get my employees excited about using this new collaboration technology (champions, incentives)?
  • How do I ensure that all employees within my organization understand and feel comfortable using SharePoint 2010?
  • How do I ensure that SharePoint 2010 fits into existing business processes and makes people’s jobs easier?
  • How do I manage the behavioral change required to integrate SharePoint 2010 into the way people work?

The “SharePoint 2010 Usage Best Practices White Paper” offers solid best practices for using SharePoint every day. Questions tackled in this white paper include:

  • What collaboration methods and site templates are most appropriate for which types of situations?
  • What should I ask myself before setting up a SharePoint site?
  • How should I manage content?
  • What should I think about when tagging?
  • What is the proper etiquette for social interactions?

For further guidance, Jamison and Hanley, along with Mauro Cardarelli, have also published a book entitled, Essential SharePoint 2010: Overview, Governance, and Planning (Addison-Wesley Microsoft Technology Series, 2nd Revised Edition). It approaches Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 from a strict business value perspective, covering the essentials of how to plan and implement SharePoint solutions to achieve superior business results. It’s worth checking out.


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