Hosting SharePoint 2013 Saves Money

By Laurie Head

AIS Network VP, Marketing Communications


In-house IT costs are soaring. Why spend money on SharePoint servers? Hosting SharePoint 2013 saves you money and worry.

In belt-tightening times, the combined expense of SharePoint 2010 servers, technical staff and data security can be painful to a company. Why have the IT staff spend half their day fixing, patching and managing SharePoint servers, when they could utilize their time in better ways to help grow the company? AIS Network’s hosted SharePoint is simply “better, faster and cheaper.” What’s not to like about that? With AISN’s fully managed SharePoint hosting services, you’ll never again have to buy another SharePoint server and figure out where to locate it in-house. You’ll never have to deploy, patch, update, troubleshoot, monitor or administer your SharePoint infrastructure again. You’ll never have to shell out big bucks for software licenses. And, you’ll never have to worry about performance and reliability.

Why? Because AISN offers the ultimate hosted SharePoint infrastructure. Our world-class servers, data centers and fiber networks are so fast and reliable, you’ll swear that your SharePoint server is under your own roof. Security and daily backups? Well, that comes standard. And, when it comes to administering your SharePoint server 24x7x365, our team of experts will be on the case. That’s the beauty of “fully managed” hosting. Isn’t it time to try fully managed hosting with AISN?

According to a 2009 survey by the consultancy InfoTrends, almost half of mid- to large-sized enterprises are using SharePoint, and the US market for the platform is expected to grow to about $5 billion by 2012. The survey said its IT participants reported that servers, storage, server software and user licenses accounted for the biggest portion of their SharePoint expenses. The server and storage part accounted for 25 percent of these.

AISN’s SharePoint hosting plans can help you get off the SharePoint-spending treadmill and save you up to 91% in hardware and support costs when compared to in-house SharePoint deployment. Let us know if you’d like to try it our!