How to Get the Cloud Enablement Services You Really Need

Cloud Enablement Services

Once you’ve made your transition to the cloud, you may think you’re all set. But cloud enablement services aren’t just about planning, designing and building your cloud solution. The right cloud enablement services partner will still be at your side to help with operations, maintenance and support.

Do I really need ongoing support?

While delivering a cloud strategy requires solid planning and development skills, partnering with a cloud enablement services provider post-migration will help maximize the return on your new investment — and protect you against unexpected complications. Without a plan for the reliable and stable operation of the assets you’ve just moved to the cloud, your best efforts will yield little value.

The right cloud enablement partner can be especially helpful in times of crisis — like the current global pandemic, which is turning traditional office models upside-down and forcing whole industries to adopt a model of remote working. You’ll already be well-placed to adapt to change with a cloud solution, but a good cloud provider can also help you adapt your solution to fit changing requirements or respond to new threats.

Ongoing Cloud Enablement Services

What Do Ongoing Cloud Enablement Services Include?

When choosing a cloud services provider, people often make the mistake of focusing almost entirely on what that partner will provide during the initial migration. Of course, cloud readiness assessments, cloud enablement strategies, and migration and implementation support are all important. But not more important than keeping your cloud environment running securely and efficiently.

When choosing a cloud enablement services partner, look for one that can detail what they’ll do for you once your migration is complete.

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Cloud technology is continually evolving, and so will your cloud requirements. You don’t want to be forced to seek out new cloud enablement services every time there’s a new development or your needs change. Look for a partner who will:

  • Continually work to improve uptime and decrease recovery times
  • Make continuous improvements to design, automation, and scale
  • Work with you to ensure your cloud needs continue to be met

Reporting and Visibility

Keeping track of all your assets in the cloud and monitoring their performance is a critical step in ensuring that you’re maximizing the benefits of your investment in cloud computing. But that’s no small task.

  • Does your potential cloud partner provide an inventory of your cloud assets?
  • Can they give you visibility into the performance of each one?


Cloud security breaches can cost you millions and seriously disrupt your day-to-day operations. Choose a cloud enablement services partner who can provide the kind of protection you need.

  • Can you expect proactive protection, threat detection, and recovery services from your cloud partner?
  • Do they offer any enhanced security measures?
  • How often do they scan for and remediate vulnerabilities or perform penetration tests?



In addition to optimizing the cost and efficiency of your cloud solution and securing it from threats, there are also regular maintenance tasks that can help keep your platform running smoothly. Ask your cloud partner:

  • How frequently are general server patching, OS updates, etc., provided?
  • Do they provide any other remediation?
  • Do they provide operational compliance management?


A crisis is no time to find out that you don’t have the support you assumed you did. If your cloud solution experiences an outage, it can cost your organization valuable time and business. Make sure you’ve studied the potential cloud enablement services partner’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) and know exactly what to expect in terms of support.

  • What is included in their operational outages response?
  • Do they automate workload protections?
  • Are they available 24/7?
  • How do you reach them in a crisis?

Get the Cloud Enablement Services You Need

Whether you’re new to cloud computing or in search of better cloud enablement services, the team at AISN can help your organization. We provide operation and maintenance services, whether we implemented your migration or not. Contact our experts today for answers to all your questions or a free quote.