Microsoft Cloud Platform FAQs

Microsoft Cloud Platform FAQs

So what are the most frequently asked questions that we get about our new offering? Here’s a sample:

Q. I operate in an environment that is NOT running on a Windows code base and requires support for open source development languages. Can I use this?

A. Yes, this supports multiple development languages, including PHP, .Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java Script, C# and languages to provide developer choice.

Q. I require a platform that will enable me to develop in any language but will also meet my need to scale. Will this work?

A.  The Microsoft Cloud Platform embraces web standards and provides you with the flexible platform to enhance your team’s development efforts.

Q. I have existing investments in Citrix XenServer and VMware.  Can I still make use of this?

A. The Windows-based Microsoft Cloud Platform allows users to manage centrally different hypervisors with support for Windows Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere and Citrix XenServer.

Q. My organization’s compliance and regulatory requirements limit my ability to move to the cloud. Can I still make a case here?

A. Yes, the Microsoft Cloud Platform provides a common management, security and identity experience in the cloud and provides the flexibility to keep on-premise workloads that cannot be moved.


Bill Peters is Director of Business Development for AIS Network.