Universities That Have Deployed Microsoft Azure

Universities That Have Deployed Microsoft Azure

Should you join the other 750 universities that have deployed Microsoft Azure? The answer is a definite yes. Azure is a complete cloud platform with data centers located across the globe with capabilities that support a broad range of scenarios in the classroom and research settings. As more and more college classes are being taken … Read more

Move Legacy Apps to the Cloud

Frequently, we’re asked, “We need to move legacy apps to the cloud. How can I make the case to management?” The changing trends in business are creating significant burdens on IT, and those who do not embrace this change may lose their competitive edge.  When our customers need to move legacy apps to the cloud, … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Powered by AIS Network

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Delivers! The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers, and AISN is excited to roll it out early in 2015. And, although we’ve built an entire suite of High Security Cloud Services on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, when it comes to our High Security Private Cloud, we love that the Microsoft Cloud Platform powered by AISN … Read more