Utilizing Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

What is SQL Database Managed Instance?

Not ready to give up on your on-premises SQL Server licensing investment but eager for the benefits of the cloud? Get the best of both worlds by utilizing Azure Hybrid Benefit to save up to 55% on Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

What is it? Microsoft Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is a new deployment option that allows organizations to migrate their on-premises SQL Server applications and databases onto a fully managed SQL Server in the Azure cloud. Switching from an on-premises server to an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance can result in an ROI of 212% and post-migration payback within six months.

How is this possible?

The brilliance behind Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is its customizability. Choose and pay for exactly the space and computing power you need, while utilizing options like Azure Hybrid Benefit and reserving capacity to save you big dollars. Plus, the move from your on-premises server to the cloud is simple, with no need to reconfigure your applications.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is designed to provide you with exactly what your business needs so you can save money without missing a beat. Moving your SQL Server databases to Azure has never been easier or more economical. Seamlessly lift and shift your databases with Azure Database Migration Service to SQL Database Managed Instance and experience the rich SQL Server programming surface area in the cloud, with the operational and financial benefits of the intelligent, fully-managed SQL Database. Get started on your path to modernization today.

Experience Instance-Level Compatibility With SQL Server

Managed Instance provides instance-level compatibility for SQL Server features, reducing or even eliminating the need for application changes when migrating your data. Accelerate your app development and make maintenance easier and more productive using familiar SQL tools and resources:

• Native backup and restore

• Cross-database queries and transactions

• SQL Agent and Alerts

• Service Broker

• CLR and more

Maintain Workload Isolation With Native VNET Integration

Experience full networking isolation for your workloads through native VNET support in a Managed Instance.  Maintain full control over inbound and outbound traffic where the Managed Instance is deployed.

Stay Up-to-Date in the Cloud

As a deployment option in Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance takes advantage of the key benefits provided by the service:

• Intelligent features to optimize performance and security

• Built-in HA and active geo-replication

• Automated backup and point-in-time restore

• Azure Active Directory for identity management

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Laurie Head is the Co-Owner and CMCO of AIS Network. She has been working in the IT industry since the mid-90s.