Benefits of Colocation

Why would anyone choose colocation? What are the benefits of colocation?

Colocation services provide the flexibility, control, security and services that you need—plus expert managed hosting support when you want it. In a colocation scenario, you host your infrastructure in a provider’s data centers, allowing you to reduce the capital and operational expenses that you shell out just to house and protect your servers.  You get peace of mind that your servers are cooled down and plugged in, so that you can stop hugging servers and get on to more strategic business.

At AISN, we offer both traditional and managed colocation services. We provide all the space, power, HVAC, bandwidth and security that you need, and we also perform basic monitoring.  AISN’s flexible plans allow you to scale and upgrade space, connectivity, and services as your needs evolve over time. Colocation clients can also take advantage of a variety of optional managed hosting services that AISN offers, including advanced monitoring, antivirus, patching, software licensing management, hardware warranty management, remote hands, engineering support services, round-the-clock support and more.

When you get started with AISN, you first choose your data center from among multiple SSAE 16 Type II-compliant North American locations.

Then, you customize your cage and cabinet space to meet your business needs. Our highly secure colocation cabinets and private cages range from a 1/2 locking cabinet to a full locking cabinet to customized cages.  Each comes equipped with the proper cooling and humidity controls that you need, high availability of power, and Ethernet connectivity featuring 100 Mbps port speed.

Finally, choose from among our traditional and managed colocation plans and options.

Want to know more? In tomorrow’s blog, Jay Atkinson, our CEO, will discuss choosing between traditional colocation and managed colocation and the AISN offerings for both.


Laurie Head is VP, Marketing/Communications for AIS Network.