AISN Recognized in Virginia General Assembly for 10 Years’ Service to Commonwealth Agencies

Summary:  Del. John McGuire (R-56th District) introduced Henrico County small business owners Jay Atkinson and Laurie Head to the Virginia House of Delegates today. Speaking on the House floor, McGuire noted that their technology modernization business has provided a decade of continuous IT leadership to the Commonwealth of Virginia.   Richmond, Va. — March 3, … Read more

End of Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

End of Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2   Been avoiding upgrading? With end of support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, the time has come. July 2019 is the big date. But don’t worry, AIS Network has your back! A lot has changed since 2008. Over the past 10 years, Microsoft … Read more

What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What’s Driving Your Cloud Initiatives?

What business goals or objectives are driving cloud initiatives at your company? Could they be among these? Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) Improving customer support or services Gaining a competitive edge Enabling innovation Enabling business continuity Speed of deployment Replacing on-premise legacy technology  Savings on CAPEX (capital expenditures) Reducing resource waste Greater flexibility to … Read more

Tips for Moving to the Cloud

Tips for Moving to the Cloud   When companies move to the cloud, there are undoubtedly numerous challenges that must be overcome. For example: integration of cloud services into the enterprise architecture corporate data security, compliance and governance movement of legacy apps monitoring and managing employee-led cloud usage establishing cloud services operational processes a decision … Read more

Government Data Scientists Be Glad

Azure Government cloud platform

Government data scientists spend inordinate amounts of time each day manually scrubbing terabytes of operational data for advanced analytics and business intelligence. Well, now they can be glad that Microsoft has unveiled its new data analytics and visualization offerings, called HDInsight and Power BI, as part of the Azure Government cloud platform. AIS Network is … Read more

Strategies for Mitigating Cyber Intrusions

Strategies for Mitigating Cyber Intrusions Cyber intrusions worrying you? Looking for some basic strategies that your IT team can use to mitigate cyber intrusions? Here are four tips, courtesy of the Australian government. As part of its mission, the Australian Signals Directorate, an Australian government intelligence agency, provides advice and assistance on information and communications … Read more

Happy Birthday SharePoint, Fifteen Years!

Happy Birthday SharePoint!  Fifteen years!  Wow! Get ready for March 2016! It’s Happy 15th Birthday SharePoint! If our good wishes are several weeks early, it’s because we’re excited for Microsoft — and for us. Microsoft SharePoint is in good company. 2001 marked the year in which Wikipedia launched. It’s also the year in which Microsoft launched Windows XP, … Read more

SharePoint 2016 New Features

We’ve been hosting and developing around SharePoint since SharePoint Team Services 1.0.  That’s a loooong time!  That’s why we are excited about the SharePoint 2016 new features. If you didn’t already know, SharePoint 2016 is scheduled to hit the market later this spring. This new version should compensate for some of the missing features that … Read more

Cloud Contract Review Questions

It’s cloud contract review time. You should know the right cloud contract review questions to ask, right? Well, first, take a good look at the provider’s cloud service-level agreement (SLA). What is an SLA? An SLA defines what the customer will receive. It’s a contract between you, the customer, and a service provider (either internal or … Read more