Customer Story: Azure Achieves Innovations

“We realized we were leaving too many good ideas on the side,” said Aaron Phillips, President and CEO of SitePro.

The ability to innovate is what separates long-term successful businesses from the pack. However, a business can have all the game-changing innovative ideas in the world, but it won’t do them any good unless they are implemented.

SitePro, a software platform that supports oil and gas facilities, knew that to power the kind of data collection and usage they imagined, they would need to switch from an onsite infrastructure to a scalable cloud service. They found the solution they were looking for in Microsoft Azure.

Now, they alone can provide data services that usually require multiple companies to perform, and they are passing on those benefits in cost savings and efficiencies to their customers.

Harnessing Data

Almost any business using technology is producing enormous amounts of data. Unfortunately, much of this data comes in many formats, and most businesses don’t have the tools or know-how to utilize it fully.

This is precisely what SitePro observed in the oil and gas industry, where large amounts of data were generated but not used to their fullest extent. Using Azure, SitePro was able to compile this data and channel it all through a single, user-friendly application available to their customers.

Suddenly, oil and gas companies could see in real-time what was going on in their various fields and know precisely when servicing was needed on their equipment, saving them valuable time and resources.

What Is Azure

What exactly is Azure? Flying at a high level may look like a cloud, but delve under the surface, and you’ll discover an entire world of integrated offerings. When SitePro was looking to move its operations from on-premises physical servers, it needed a system that could handle the multiple elements of its innovative turnkey application. They found all these capabilities through Azure.

SitePro utilizes multiple services, including Azure App Service, Azure Cosmos DB, and SQL Database, to handle the various aspects of their application and business. This simplicity reduces cost and improves user experience. With service offerings spanning everything from AI to Developer Tools, AISN and Microsoft have covered your needs, whatever they may be.

What Are You Waiting For?

Running a business, you have enough to worry about. With the enterprise-grade built-in high availability of Azure Database, you never have to spend the time or money updating your software again. Instead, you can always enjoy the latest innovations on a platform ready to grow to meet your and your customers’ needs.

Think about how moving to the cloud allowed SitePro to maximize its software and business potential. Interested in what innovations you might achieve for your business with Azure on your side? At AISN, we are, too. Contact us to learn more.