Why Migrate to Microsoft Azure?

Why Migrate to Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure, you get always-on, up-to-date security that keeps your organization running. No need to worry about compromising business-critical application data and files across on-premise servers and the cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you’ll be able to: Guard your business or government agency against external threats and breaches, using built-in security features across on-premise and … Read more

Customer Story: Azure Achieves Innovations

“We realized we were leaving too many good ideas on the side” — Aaron Phillips, President and CEO, SitePro. The ability to innovate is what separates long-term successful businesses from the pack. However, a business can have all the game-changing innovative ideas in the world, but it won’t do them any good unless they are … Read more

Three Reasons for Migrating to Azure

We’re seeing heightened customer interest in Azure migration. Those customers are continuously asking us to articulate the reasons for migrating to Azure — especially since they have to convey those reasons to management. Now is the right time for you to migrate to Azure because of three key reasons that were recently outlined for Microsoft … Read more

Will Moving to Azure Require Redesigning Apps?

Will Moving to Azure Require Redesigning Apps? Will moving to Azure mean that we need to redesign our applications? That is one of the frequently asked questions from customers who are considering a move to Microsoft Azure. They tend to have a lot of applications and many of them are legacy apps (the migration of … Read more

Government Data Scientists Be Glad

Azure Government cloud platform

Government data scientists spend inordinate amounts of time each day manually scrubbing terabytes of operational data for advanced analytics and business intelligence. Well, now they can be glad that Microsoft has unveiled its new data analytics and visualization offerings, called HDInsight and Power BI, as part of the Azure Government cloud platform. AIS Network is … Read more

Universities That Have Deployed Microsoft Azure

Universities That Have Deployed Microsoft Azure

Should you join the other 750 universities that have deployed Microsoft Azure? The answer is a definite yes. Azure is a complete cloud platform with data centers located across the globe with capabilities that support a broad range of scenarios in the classroom and research settings. As more and more college classes are being taken … Read more

Azure Storage Bridges the Gap

Azure Storage Bridges the Gap Between Your Budget and Your Needs Azure Storage is a common interest for those exploring the benefits of Azure Managed Services, so let’s look further. Cloud backup and recovery options, such as those running on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, can help bridge the gap between your budget and your needs. … Read more