Healthcare Infographic: Why It’s Moving to the Cloud

We are proud to share our new infographic on why healthcare is moving to the cloud.  With so many healthcare organizations starting to utilize the cloud and virtualization, we are sharing some of the related trends.
First off, it’s no big surprise healthcare is moving to the cloud; many businesses and organizations benefit from it. Let’s face it – cloud benefits are significant! They include:

• Flexible and fast to grow and downsize IT resources
• Reduced CAPEX expenses; shifting expenses to an operational and more predictable cost
• Organizations can shift the focus from IT to their core business
• Increased accessibility to the IT infrastructure
• Better IT performance

But beyond that, for healthcare organizations, there are genuine benefits specific to the sector’s needs and concerns.  Our Infographic goes into greater detail but here are some highlights:

• Health care organizations are more confident about security in the cloud (94 percent of businesses reported that they saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud computing)
• Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are driving cloud growth. EMRs are less expensive, offer better quality of care and patients prefer them.
• With EMR and the cloud, HIPAA compliance is less costly and aggravation is reduced.

See the infographic above for an expanded, more detailed view.  We hope you find it as interesting as we do.  And, as always,  we welcome any comments or questions below. 


Donna Hemmert is VP Strategy for AISN.