Avoid a Data Breach: What a Health Care Org Should Do

Avoid a Data Breach: What a Health Care Org Should Do There are three things that a health care organization should do immediately to avoid a data breach. They are: Execute Advanced Penetration Testing. Performing an advanced external penetration test is a strategic approach to identify weaknesses in network and application security, as would a hacker. … Read more

Hospital Network Security: 3 Key Principles Illustrated

Today, I’d like to talk a little about hospital network security and point to a story about a hospital incident in which three key principles of hospital network security are illustrated. As you may know, technical controls are sometimes illustrated with physical descriptions in order to help the non-technical person understand the concept. A firewall, … Read more

HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud Delivers Life-Saving Assistance

National Health IT Week 2014, which is this week, celebrates the value of IT and its contribution to healthcare providers, associations and non-profit organizations, state and regional extension centers, corporations and colleges and universities across the nation. In honor of National Health IT Week, I thought I would share with you the story of one of … Read more

Healthcare Infographic: Why It’s Moving to the Cloud

healthcare moving to cloud

Healthcare and The Cloud We are excited to share our new infographic on why healthcare is transitioning to the cloud. Many healthcare organizations are beginning to leverage the cloud and virtualization, and we’ve outlined some related trends in our infographic. It’s no surprise that healthcare is moving to the cloud, as many businesses and organizations … Read more

Most Health Care Orgs Embracing the Cloud

Our CEO, Jay Atkinson, had the opportunity to attend the annual HIMSS conference in Florida earlier this year and found it entirely exciting and educational.  For those of you who are not familiar with HIMSS, it’s a cause-based global enterprise that produces health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world.  It’s … Read more

Assuring HIPAA Compliance for PHI

GUEST BLOG By Sarah Morris, KirkpatrickPrice If you’re hosting data classified as patient health information (PHI), it’s always your responsibility to assure HIPAA compliance for PHI. In other words, take appropriate measures to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule. Beginning September 23, as a business associate of a healthcare entity, you can now be fined … Read more

September 23: HIPAA Rules Kick in, Impacting Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO If you’re a company in the health care industry, you have just 47 days to get your act together on planning for IT disaster recovery. That’s right. Beginning Sept. 23, the HIPAA/HITECH rules governing protected health information (PHI) secure data backup and recovery will be enforced, and some businesses … Read more

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud: Why Health Care CIOs Are Moving Toward Cloud Computing for EMRs

By Desaray Granzow AIS Network, Director of Sales Cloud computing (or shared computing resources) is becoming more and more attractive to the CIOs of health care organizations. Why? Health care providers need to keep track of digital copies of paperwork for each patient — such as the patient’s history, digital copies of diagnostic tests and … Read more

SharePoint Hosting for Health Care Companies

By Laurie Head AIS Network Vice President, Marketing Communications If you are running a business in the health care industry, your primary goal is to provide world-class patient care and support.  The last thing you need is to be weighed down by redundant tasks that result in administrative waste, lost revenue and patient dissatisfaction. AIS … Read more