Payment Gateways for E-Government and E-commerce

Payment Gateways for eGovernment and Ecommerce

In the 21st century, easy payments have become a critical and expected part of the digital customer experience, because today’s consumers are now accustomed to buying products and services quickly and easily online. The COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down so many brick-and-mortar stores and government offices, only served to strengthen digital commerce as a critical … Read more

What Are the New PCI 3.0 Requirements?

GUEST BLOG By Sarah Morris, KirkpatrickPrice Are you aware of the changes to PCI 3.0? The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Council has developed new changes to the PCI DSS requirements by asking one question: What will improve payment security? While the core 12 security areas will remain the same, several new sub-requirements have been implemented … Read more