SharePoint 2010 Security: Adding an SSL Certificate to Your Hosted SharePoint Site

By Bill Peters AIS Network Director of Sales SSL certificates create secure (HTTPS) connectivity between your Web server and your visitors’ browsers. If you are transmitting sensitive information via a Web site, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or other personal information, you should secure it with SSL encryption to safeguard against others … Read more

Web Design and Development: Best Practices in Production, Staging and Development for Web-Based Companies

GUEST BLOG By Gaige B. Paulsen Board of Advisors, AIS Network For companies that primarily do business through their public-facing Internet site, best practices for production, staging and development are imperative. For any Web-based business, whether e-commerce or presence-based, it is essential that content and systems be updated to remain competitive, which means change and … Read more

Why SharePoint 2010 Is Ideal for Associations and Nonprofits

By Laurie Head AIS Network Vice President ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo is here in Washington, DC, from December 6-8, 2011. It sparked an idea for this week’s blog: why SharePoint 2010 fits the needs of associations and nonprofits so well. Increasingly, nonprofits and associations are turning to hosting companies like ours for help in … Read more