Microsoft Cloud Platform Powered by AIS Network

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Delivers!

The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers, and AISN is excited to roll it out early in 2015.

And, although we’ve built an entire suite of High Security Cloud Services on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, when it comes to our High Security Private Cloud, we love that the Microsoft Cloud Platform powered by AISN delivers the data control flexibility that our customers require (think the efficiency and agility of a public cloud) and still maintains 100% compliance with 99.999% availability (much like the performance of a dedicated environment).

Of course all of our compliant enterprise customers need customization, and custom environments have always been our specialty.  AISN’s cloud experts can design, customize and implement a private cloud that meets all of your most stringent criteria for security, privacy, compliance and more.

Underlying Technologies

So what are some underlying technologies in the Microsoft Cloud Platform that may seem familiar?  Here are four to highlight:

SQL Server 2012  

A cloud-ready information platform that helps organizations unlock breakthrough insights across the organization.

System Center 2012

An integrated management platform that easily and efficiently helps you manage your datacenters, client devices, and hybrid cloud IT environments.

Windows Server 2012

A modern platform to run your existing applications with hybrid and hosted cloud solutions that provide you the flexibility of access almost anywhere and on any device.


The virtualization platform that provides the tools you need to manage mission-critical workloads and increase scale, VM mobility, handle multi-tenant environments, and business flexibility.

Following your deployment, our experts are available to monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud around the clock. Of course our 100% Compliance Guarantee comes standard. If HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA, PCI or any other regulatory compliances are a big requirement for you, that 100% Compliance Guarantee should set you at ease.


Microsoft Cloud Platform FAQ

So what are the most frequently asked questions that we get about our new offering? Here’s a sample:

Q.  What if I want to look at a hybrid cloud model?

A.  With a flexible Cloud Platform seamlessly connecting with your on-premise environment, you can leverage hybrid to provide different service models and cost structures to business units, securely extend apps and data from your on-premise platform to the cloud, and improve your line of business application performance and access.

Q.  I operate in an environment that is NOT running on a Windows code base and requires support for open source development languages. Can I use this?

A. Yes, this supports multiple development languages, including PHP, .Net, ASP.Net, HTML5, Java Script, C# and languages to provide developer choice.

Q.  I require a platform that will enable me to develop in any language but will also meet my need to scale. Will this work for me?

A.  The Microsoft Cloud Platform embraces web standards and provides you with the flexible platform to enhance your team’s development efforts.

Q. I have existing investments in Citrix XenServer and VMware.  Can I still make use of this?

A. The Windows-based Microsoft Cloud Platform allows users to manage centrally different hypervisors with support for Windows Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere and Citrix XenServer.

Q. My organization’s compliance and regulatory requirements limit my ability to move to the cloud. Can I still make a case here?

A. Yes, the Microsoft Cloud Platform provides a common management, security and identity experience in the cloud and provides the flexibility to keep on-premise workloads that cannot be moved.


So, if you are looking for speed, scale, and agility, and your needs for compliance and security are paramount, take a look at our High Security Cloud Services closely, and particularly our High Security Private Cloud.  Let us know if we can provide you with a free migration assessment.


Laurie Head is Vice President, Marketing/Communications for AIS Network..