4 Things Every Successful Cloud Enablement Strategy Needs

Successful Cloud Enablement Strategy

In this post, we’ll offer you 4 tips on developing your own cloud enablement strategy: what to look for in a partner and how to prepare for your migration.

AWS S3 Outage Did Not Help Alleviate Doubt

AWS S3 Outage Did Not Help Alleviate Doubt

Unfortunately, the recent AWS S3 outage did not help alleviate doubt that some people already have about the cloud. AWS apologized, of course, explaining that a team member had entered a bad command during the debugging of an S3 system. Safeguards were put in place to prevent “incorrect input from triggering a similar event in the … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Powered by AIS Network

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Delivers! The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers, and AISN is excited to roll it out early in 2015. And, although we’ve built an entire suite of High Security Cloud Services on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, when it comes to our High Security Private Cloud, we love that the Microsoft Cloud Platform powered by AISN … Read more

Private Cloud Interest Accelerating in the Market

One thing we have noticed change over the last 3 years is that we no longer have to sell people on cloud computing.  A few years ago, the vast majority of our clients were using managed servers, but that has certainly shifted.  And this is, of course, a part of a much larger trend.  The IT community as … Read more

Top 6 Benefits of AIS Network’s Managed Private Cloud

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO You want to spend more of your IT dollar on the innovation that your customers expect. So in order for you to focus on your business, the ratio of what you build out “new” versus what you spend time maintaining and running has to improve measurably. Plus, you want … Read more

Private SharePoint Cloud: For Large Enterprises, It’s the Way to Go

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO Just last week, we made a bold statement that has captured quite a bit of attention within the SharePoint community. We revealed that we are now deploying SharePoint Server 2010 in a single private cloud for less than our competitors are charging for a public or hybrid cloud implementation.  … Read more

What Is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is no longer just hype or a buzzword for the times. It's here to stay and it's reshaping the IT marketplace as we know it. BSA helps us answer this very important question with the debut of a new video.