Tech Support Scam Red Flags

Tech Support Scam Red Flags

Protecting Yourself From Seven Tech Support Scams October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it is essential to remind everyone that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning about a surge in tech support scams. These scams can be challenging to recognize, so it is essential to be aware of them. In a previous blog post, … Read more

Understanding Azure and SQL Server

Understanding Azure and SQL Server

Microsoft Azure and SQL Server Microsoft Azure does not sell virtual machines with SQL Server pre-installed but instead provides SQL Server databases derived from larger SQL Server Servers. Recently, a colleague asked me about SQL. If we sold someone a self-service HyperV private cloud, and they spun up an SQL instance, how would that be … Read more

Tips for Moving to the Cloud

Tips for Moving to the Cloud   When companies move to the cloud, there are undoubtedly numerous challenges that must be overcome. For example: integration of cloud services into the enterprise architecture corporate data security, compliance and governance movement of legacy apps monitoring and managing employee-led cloud usage establishing cloud services operational processes a decision … Read more

Happy Birthday SharePoint, Fifteen Years!

Happy Birthday SharePoint!  Fifteen years!  Wow! Get ready for March 2016! It’s Happy 15th Birthday SharePoint! If our good wishes are several weeks early, it’s because we’re excited for Microsoft — and for us. Microsoft SharePoint is in good company. 2001 marked the year in which Wikipedia launched. It’s also the year in which Microsoft launched Windows XP, … Read more

Microsoft BizSpark FAQs

AIS Network has participated in the Microsoft BizSpark program since it began about 5 years ago. We love our BizSpark friends, the program and everything that it represents. The program has supported more than 100,00 startups in more than 165 countries. So, why didn’t we designate a page for BizSpark? Well, when we redesigned our website … Read more

WPC 2013 Discussion Focuses on Emerging Opportunities

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO Yesterday was Day 2 of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (WPC 2013) in Houston and time for My Big Speaking Role!  I was delighted to join an elite panel of three other multinational companies in an interactive discussion focused on how hosting service providers can use effective marketing … Read more

Opportunities to Accelerate Abound at WPC 2013 in Houston

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO Microsoft says it”s been a year of “amazing launches” and they say that their partners, like us, have certainly delivered.  Indeed!  Our Microsoft SPLA licensing is up 600% over the last couple of years.  That”s pretty telling.  The large enterprises that we serve are still quite serious about outsourcing … Read more

Microsoft Hosting Summit 2013 Helps Build Strong Partnerships

By Jay Atkinson AIS Network CEO Once again, I am honored to attend the annual Microsoft Hosting Summit, which is being held this week in Seattle. Why organize a globally focused hosting summit? Smart businesses build strong partnerships, Microsoft says. And, the AISN Team couldn’t agree more. Since Microsoft has upwards of 640,000 partners globally, … Read more

Windows Server 2012: Navigating the New Licensing Structure

By Bill Peters AIS Network Director of Sales Windows Server 2012, which was released last fall, is the latest among Microsoft’s Windows Server product offerings, and it delivers a dramatically simplified licensing experience. What went away? Away went the Enterprise edition, which was retired. Windows Server 2012 Standard edition includes all the premium features previously … Read more

What Do Our Microsoft Competencies Mean?

By Laurie Head AIS Network Vice President What do our Microsoft competencies mean? They are something we’ve worked very hard to achieve and we’re quite proud of them. There are 640,000 partners in the Microsoft Partner Network, but only 5 percent of partners worldwide can distinguish themselves with a competency and having attained this high … Read more