Secure Online Backup and Recovery Ensures Business Continuity

Each year, businesses and governments lose billions of dollars due to data loss. Sadly, these organizations could have prevented their losses if only they’d had a secure online backup and recovery plan, which ensures business continuity in the aftermath of a disaster. Unrecoverable data loss impacts customers and employees and can mean serious repercussions for … Read more

How Does Cloud Backup and Recovery Work?

By Joshua Darrin AIS Network Director of Operations Replicating your entire infrastructure to a remote, disaster resilient location designed to be “always on” is not nearly as difficult as it may have been just five years ago. Welcome the cloud – designed to be there when you need it most. The combination of the cloud … Read more

IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Top Hurricane Prep List

If your servers are knocked out, how much unplanned downtime can your business sustain? Think about it. Data loss can cripple a business. Downtime results in: lost competitive advantage lost revenue and productivity long-term erosion of customer retention strained relations with strategic partners damage to corporate reputation As a business owner myself, I might also … Read more