Cloud vs. VPS

By Donna Hemmert AIS Network, VP Strategy  Cloud vs. VPS? We often get the question of what is the difference between Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and cloud servers.  Both use a virtualized (as opposed to physical) environment and so they are often confused. First it’s important that you understand virtualization. Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version … Read more

How Does Cloud Backup and Recovery Work?

By Joshua Darrin AIS Network Director of Operations Replicating your entire infrastructure to a remote, disaster resilient location designed to be “always on” is not nearly as difficult as it may have been just five years ago. Welcome the cloud – designed to be there when you need it most. The combination of the cloud … Read more

What Is Big Data and Why Is It Becoming Bigger Data?

By Julia Uglietta Associate, Marketing and Sales Big data is a consequence of the new world of technology that we have created, where everything is monitored and measured at an increasingly fast rate.  All of the resulting data then exceeds the processing and storage capacity of traditional database systems.  The term “big data” is used … Read more

SQL Server Virtualization and Why It May Not Be a Good Idea

By Terry Engelstad MCP, MCSE, CCNA, MCDBA, MCTS, MCITP AIS Network Operations Manager It’s very tempting to move Microsoft SQL Server instances to a virtualized environment, especially now that virtualization has become more sophisticated. Theoretically, reducing the number of physical machines that you have while saving money by cutting your power, maintenance and licensing costs, … Read more