Securing PII Under FERPA

March Is Governmental Purchasing Month in VA

With a vast amount of personal and private data available on networks throughout the world, it’s easy to understand just how necessary and important securing PII (personally identifiable information) is today. Let’s look at student records and the FERPA-compliant world of higher education, for example. A student’s entire education file, filled with academic performance data and … Read more

Security Trends in 2015: Five Tips

If information security trends from last year are at all telling, 2015 will be a very important year to pay close attention to the security of your sensitive data. Here are 5 Security Tips to keep in mind when protecting yourself and your organization in 2015. Cybersecurity – Organized crime in the 21st century has a … Read more

National Data Privacy Day

It’s National Data Privacy Day! Did you know that data privacy is so important that it gets its own very special day — annually?  Well, perhaps we won’t be baking a cake and hauling out the party hats, but we will celebrate that the day itself is an international awareness effort to make protecting privacy and … Read more

What Is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is no longer just hype or a buzzword for the times. It's here to stay and it's reshaping the IT marketplace as we know it. BSA helps us answer this very important question with the debut of a new video.