Revamp Your Digital Strategy: 12 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Revamp Your Digital Strategy: 12 Signs It's Time for a Website Redesign

When Does a Website Need a Redesign? In the current digital age, having a website is crucial for any business. It acts as a virtual storefront that anyone can access at any time. A well-designed website focusing on user experience can improve engagement and drive traffic. However, if some website features need to be updated … Read more

Five Tips on E-commerce Data Migration for a Successful Digital Store Front

ecommerce digital storefront

Five Tips on E-commerce Data Migration Over the years, AISN team members have designed, built and optimized multiple e-commerce websites using both waterfall and agile development methodologies and processes as the situation required. From brochure websites that tell a story to data analytics sites with millions of data points to e-commerce sites handling a healthy … Read more

Critical State, Federal & Commercial Data — Protected & Compliant

Critical State, Federal & Commercial Data — Protected & Compliant

Building Robust, Secure, Compliant Systems With High Uptime Senior IT leaders in state, federal, and commercial organizations face numerous challenges. The stakes are high with complex systems and millions of users, in addition to budgets that can approach or exceed a billion dollars. In a 2021 report, Sophos notes that 66 percent of organizations were … Read more

AISN Commends Va. Governor’s Support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Summary: AIS Network commends Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam for his recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month throughout the commonwealth and his commitment to raise awareness about the importance of securing Virginia’s critical government infrastructure. AISN is a leading, SWaM-certified provider of advanced information security and other IT managed services to Virginia government agencies.   Richmond, … Read more

AISN Announces Creative Partnership, Integration With Ciniva

Summary: Virginia SWaM IT contractor AIS Network has announced a partnership with integrated marketing firm Ciniva Agency. Upcoming projects include work on web applications that can handle big data and development work in the Virginia tourism industry.   McLean, Va. — May 12, 2017 — AIS Network, a leader in IT managed services, and Ciniva, … Read more

Award-Winning Website Development

We’re over the moon this week. Award-winning website development is always what we aim for, and our latest project has done just that. The Virginia School Quality Profiles state school report card site has just won its first major regional award, the Richmond Technology Council’s “Innovation in Utilization Award,” public project category. AISN worked closely with … Read more